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Three More Updated Booklets Now Online

June 16, 2010

As mentioned by Scott Ashley two weeks ago, a number of our booklets are being redesigned and updated. Our Internet managing editor, Aaron Booth, reports that three more titles that were printed over the last two months now have their online versions renewed:

  1. Managing Your Finances
  2. Making Life Work
  3. God’s Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind

Also, these additional titles’ online versions were refreshed earlier in the year:

  1. Fundamental Beliefs of the United Church of God
  2. Does God Exist?

This is another step in a several-year project to redesign and update the content of our 33 booklets. As we’re updating the booklets, we’re often including new material while adding photos and printing them in color throughout to make them more attractive and appealing to readers.

We’re also printing them on lighter paper, which saves money on postage. We’re actually able to produce more attractive and informative publications at lower cost, which benefits those we are reaching with God’s truth and saves us money at the same time.

Of particular help to our readers, Managing Your Finances contains an online  “Monthly Income and Expense Worksheet” form that automatically tallies and totals for you. Try it out.

Peter Eddington, Media and Communications Services

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  1. As a member of UCG Indy, we have these books. So we don’t need to order thse they are the same aren’t they? Thank you for all you do. hugs sandy

    Comment by Sandy Abrell | June 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Once the new booklet revisions are uploaded to the literature page, I hope the new covers — for the ones that have them — will be updated on that page as well.

    Comment by Lee Dolby | June 23, 2010 | Reply

  3. The Monthly Income and Expense Worksheet is a great tool.

    Where can we download the actual application program to our personal computers so we do not have to go and access the website every time we do our monthly calculations?

    Thank you,
    George Dudley

    Comment by George Dudley | June 27, 2010 | Reply

  4. It is necessary and mandatory for Peter Eddington and crew to update the UCG booklets peridocially. Yes, most of us have all these UCG booklets and even publications from WWCG in its “Better days” saying the same things!I don”t need anymore booklets as they are in reality “Milk for Prospective Members”. If a church member “Wants Meat” beyond the milk I would direct him or her to the UCG web site {among other web sites please ask me} and request study papers on numerous doctrinal issues.Church members today should study more deeply beyond the {Milk of the Word} not for the purpose of being ordained or getting a big head but for the purpose of getting grounded for the time of the famine of the word.All need to be as the plow boy that Tyndale talked about as being more knowledgable of the scriptures that the local parish priest! Peter Eddington and crew along with the Council of Elders” are going into high gear with all the news I hear of the Arabic booklet, literature translated into Ukrainian,UCG web site made more user friendly.The purpose of the booklets is to orientate the people God is calling in the correct direction and not collector items.

    Comment by Jim Lapp | June 29, 2010 | Reply

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