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June 27, 2011

United Church of God video editors Jamie Schreiber and Jonathan Magee have put together a new one-and-a-half minute video project titled: “Rich.” You can view it on YouTube or click below.

What will you do with what God has given you?

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services

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Announcing UCG 2011 Winter Family Weekend!

June 27, 2011

Winter Family Weekend Promises to be a BIG SPLASH!

“Family, Friends, Fellowship and Fun” 

ANNOUNCEMENT: The United Church of GodWinter Family Weekend 2011” will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area from December 23-27. This beautiful, newly constructed rustic resort and conference center will be the main venue for all meetings and accommodation.

The Venue

This facility boasts a 78,000 square-foot indoor waterpark with 11 water slides, a giant wave pool, 6 swimming pools, a lazy river and a 30-person hot tub—and it is bound to be well-used by our members at this hotel.

Each family suite sleeps up to six and is equipped with a small fridge, microwave and balcony—some with a fireplace. There are king suites which sleep four and bunk beds and queen beds in others. Very soon we will let you know the number of the various types of rooms which are available so you may make your reservation. The Church is managing the bookings directly to save you some taxes.

Also at the Great Wolf Lodge is a large state-of-the-art game arcade, a large fitness room, spas, a gift shop, Starbucks and several dining options. All these will be open during our stay. There is entertainment for all ages—from tots, to teens, to the young at heart. At least five cafés or restaurants are on the premises and will be open throughout our stay. We have contracted the rooms for $90 plus taxes per room for up to four people ($25 for each extra person over four), and reservations will be made online on our Church website to save you on taxes for this Church-wide event. The use of the water park for each person in the room is included in this price!

Conference Center

The modern Conference Center is well equipped to serve our needs with a 1,200 seat main auditorium with overflow rooms catering for an additional 300-400. There will be several breakout rooms available for the seminars on the Sabbath. A family evening is planned for Sunday December 25 at the water park with free pizza and drinks to give energy while having fun together. There is plenty of seating for those who just want to watch and visit.

Finally, a quote from the Great Wolf Lodge brochure: “You can park your car and never need it again until it is time to return, reluctantly, home. Spacious guest rooms, amazing restaurants, a luxurious spa, fitness center and world-class entertainment are yours to be enjoyed within the beautiful confines of our majestic resort.”

We plan to have more information online in August about registration for the hotel and for the various Sabbath seminars, sporting events and other exciting activities.

Sporting Facilities

The sporting events will all be under one roof at the Courts 4 Sports which is a mere five miles away. This very modern sports facility will host both the volleyball and basketball venues. We’re excited to have made this arrangement as it allows more fellowship among those who engage in the different sporting events throughout the day, keeping the family together when playing both sports.

Alternative Accommodations

Another lodging facility for those who do not wish to have access to the water park and want more economical housing will be the King’s Island Resort. This hotel was used in years past when the Winter Family Weekend first began in Cincinnati. They feature comfortable rooms at a rate of only $59 plus tax. The benefit of this hotel is that it is directly across the street from the Great Wolf Lodge. All who stay at the King’s Island Resort Hotel will be able to participate in all of the events of the Winter Weekend except for the water park.

Please see the Winter Family Weekend website for more information and links to the Great Wolf Lodge for more information and photos. Save December 23-27 on your calendars now for a wonderful family experience!

We are very excited to host this grand event here in the Cincinnati area.

Gary Antion and Roy Holladay—WFW Event Coordinators


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Malayalam Language Translator

June 25, 2011

We have an opportunity to translate some of our literature into the Malayalam language, but need a second translator to help verify the accuracy of our translation and to proofread the documents. The Malayalam language is known by people in India and throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East—about 36 million all told.

If you know of anyone who can help fulfill this task who reads and writes Malayalam, and who is very well versed in our UCG doctrines and beliefs, please write to Peter Eddington at

Thank you,

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services

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Three French Publications Going to Press

June 24, 2011

On June 20, The July-August 2011 issue of Bonnes Nouvelles, the French edition of the Good News magazine, was completed and is now going to press. This particular issue includes the following articles: “Do you Understand the Signs of the Times?,” “Debt Troubles Mount for Britain and America,” “Europe Braces for Terrorism” and “Jesus’ Warning to ‘Watch’—Just What Did He Mean?” Download your own PDF copy of this month’s issue today.

We are also very excited to report that the French Bible Study Course lesson # 6, titled “What is The Gospel of The Kingdom of God?,” was also sent to print in early June. You can view the first six lessons of Cours de Bible online now. The remaining six lessons will be worked on over the coming months.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Annette Bernal in Bordeaux, France, we have also resumed the production of the French member newsletter titled Le Renouveau.” It is being sent to the French-speaking members in France, Cameroon, Congo, Togo, Benin and Canada. We believe it will help the French-speaking members who are somewhat scattered around the globe to feel more connected to each other and to God’s Work as a whole.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for the success of God’s work in the French-speaking areas of the world.

Maryse Pebworth—Managing Editor, Bonne Nouvelles

Tim and Maryse Pebworth

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Class of 2012: Ambassador Bible Center

June 24, 2011

With just over one month before the application deadline, 25 students have been accepted into the Class of 2012 for the Ambassador Bible Center. There are three applications yet to evaluate which potentially could bring the total number of students to 28. If everyone comes, the Class of 2012 would be nearly 30 percent larger than last year. We thank God for the number of students who have applied to learn the Bible as never before.

The class is typical and would average around 22 years of age. We have some just out of high school, several with university degrees or university credits and a few more mature students. It should be a very nice blend for the Class of 2012.

We are having our student catalog updated as well as busily planning for the new class with preparations for the welcome picnic, orientation, new class schedules and module presenters.

We’re very excited to welcome the thirteenth class at Ambassador Bible Center and we thank you for your prayers and support for this important educational component of the United Church of God. As mentioned in an earlier post, please remember to view this year’s ABC promotional video that includes interviews with the class of 2011 if you have not already done so.

Gary Antion—ABC Coordinator

Gary and Barbara Antion

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Tonight! Bible Study Webcast

June 22, 2011

The Cincinnati East, Ohio, congregation of the United Church of God is holding it’s eleventh Bible study on the book of Acts this Wednesday evening. It begins at 7:30 p.m. EDT and is available live via webcast.

Presenters tonight will be Gary Antion and Peter Eddington, and they will be covering Acts chapters 17 and 18.

You can view archived copies of the first ten studies by Gary Antion, Peter Eddington, Steve Myers and Randy Stiver. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the webcast page to listen to the earlier presentations.

Please plan to learn from the Scriptures with us. You can listen online with hundreds of brethren from around the world or join our live, local audience.

Gary Antion—United Church of God, Cincinnati East pastor

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Channel Listings for Beyond Today TV in New Markets

June 21, 2011
Below is specific channel information for the airing of Beyond Today in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle that begins on July 10. If you live in these cities you may want to make a note of it.


Beyond Today airs on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. (CST) on ION network station WCPX on the following stations:

  • Over the air — channel 38
  • Comcast cable — channels 13 and 38
  • WOW cable – channel 12
  • RCN cable — channel 13
  • DirecTV — channels 305 and 347
  • Dish Network — channels 216 and 217
  • U-Verse — channel 63

Check local listings or go to to locate by zip code.

Los Angeles

Beyond Today airs Sundays 9:30 a.m. (PST) on ION network station KPXN on the following stations:

  • Over-the air — channel 30 and digital channel 38
  • Time Warner cable — channels 3, 8, 15, 21, 30
  • Charter cable –channels – 14, 15, 17, 30
  • Cox cable — channel 8

Check local listings or go to to locate by zip code.

San Francisco

Beyond Today airs Sundays 10:00 a.m. (PST) on ION network station KKPX on the following stations:

  • Over-the-air — channel 65
  • Comcast cable — channel 16
  • Charter cable in Monterey County — channels 15 and 16

Check local listings or go to to locate by zip code.


Beyond Today airs Sundays 9:30 a.m. (PST) on CBS affiliate station KIRO on the following stations:

  • Over-the-air — channel 7.2
  • Comcast cable — channel 117
  • Rainier cable — channel 117

Check local listings or go to to locate by zip code.

NATIONWIDE: Beyond Today also airs nationwide (except Chicago) on Sundays at 8:30 a.m. (EDT) on WGN America. See your local cable TV station listing for channel information or search by zip code for a WGN America channel in your area. In addition, Beyond Today is available across Canada on numerous stations. See the full Canadian TV listing.

Thank you for your support and prayer that this new initiative for the United Church of God will be successful in spreading the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services

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Announcing: Chicago and West Coast Beyond Today TV Station Additions

June 17, 2011

Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle to Air Beyond Today on New Stations

We are very excited and pleased to report to you that four powerful commercial television stations will soon begin airing Beyond Today programs for the United Church of God.

As you may recall, when Beyond Today began airing on WGN America about a year ago in all 210 U.S. media markets except Chicago, we mentioned our next step would be to add this third largest market to our telecast schedule as soon as funds permitted. That time has now come!

Chicago: Beginning July 10, 2011, Beyond Today will air on Chicago’s ION network station, WCPX-TV. This station covers 100% of the Chicago metropolitan area as well as portions of northwest Indiana and southwest Wisconsin, reaching 3,335,000 households. Our programs will air every Sunday morning on broadcast and satellite channel 38 and cable channel 13 at 9:30 a.m.

Also, since WGN America airs very early on Sunday mornings in the Pacific time zone, it was our desire to reach the area with the Beyond Today telecast at a better airtime. As a result of months of research and negotiation, television stations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco, California and the Seattle, Washington, media markets will be added to our line-up beginning July 10, 2011. Here are the details:

Los Angeles: Beyond Today will air in Los Angeles, the second largest media market in the U.S., on the ION network station KPXN-TV every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Our programs will reach 4,200,000 households (equaling 72% of the market) on broadcast channel 30 and cable channel 8.

San Francisco: Additionally, San Francisco, the sixth largest U.S. media market, will receive Beyond Today on ION network station KKPX-TV on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. on broadcast and satellite channel 65 and cable channel 16. This station’s signal reaches 2,685,596 households throughout San Francisco and a portion of Monterey, equaling 106% of the entire media market.

Seattle: Finally, CBS affiliate station KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington, the thirteenth largest U.S. Media market, will air our programs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on broadcast and satellite channel 7.2 and cable channel 117. Interestingly, this station reaches 166% of market (3,105,750 households) because it’s media footprint includes a portion of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

As a result of these additions to the Beyond Today schedule, a total of 13,326,346 additional households will be reached weekly at these new times. We certainly give our Eternal Father and Jesus Christ all the credit and the glory for this important step forward in preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Our grateful thanks also go to you for your effective prayers for the success of our research and negotiations. You can be assured that everyone at the home office deeply appreciates your outstanding help and encouragement. Please continue your diligent prayers that many people will tune-in and respond to God’s Word.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

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Beyond Today TV: “God’s Roadmap” Results

June 14, 2011

Beyond Today on WGN America –Current Top 15 Programs

The United Church of God Beyond Today television program titled “God’s Roadmap,” hosted by Steve Myers, aired on WGN America on Sunday, June 5, 2011. We are happy to report that this episode produced an excellent 1,199 responses at $10.01 cost per response. These results place it in 7th overall place out of 49 programs aired so far. See the chart below which shows the current top 15 programs.

Beyond Today Weekly Response – Top 15 Programs as of 06-14-11

Program Number

Program Title

Aired During Week of

WGN Total Requests



Will I Go to Hell? (repeat)

Mar 27-Apr 2, 2011




Egypt in Bible Prophecy

Apr 3-9, 2011




Easter Exposed (repeat)

Apr 17-23, 2011




Get to Know Your Bible

Mar 6-12, 2011




The Coming King of the South

May 15-21, 2011




The Moment After You Die

Jan 9-15, 2011




God’s Roadmap

June 5-11, 2011




Easter Exposed

Mar 13-19, 2011




The Man Nobody Knows (repeat)

Apr 10-16, 2011




Who is the Antichrist?

May 29-Jun 4, 2011




The Rapture: Fact or Fiction? (repeat)

Nov 21-27, 2010




Europe on the Threshold

Apr 24-30, 2011




Thy Kingdom Come (repeat)

Feb 27-Mar 5, 2011




Will I Go to Hell?

Oct 17-23, 2010




The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?

Jul 18-24, 2010



As always, we are very appreciative of your prayers and support.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

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New Ambassador Bible Center Promotional Video

June 10, 2011

The United Church of God has produced a new promotional video for its Ambassador Bible Center titled, “Ambassador Bible Center: Faith and Friends.” You can view the video on our ABC website, or on YouTube where it can be shared and liked.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video, and share it with your friends and family.

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services

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