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Update on Selection of New President

May 31, 2010

The first step in the process of selecting a new president was to ask the members of the General Conference of Elders for their recommendations. That step was completed on Monday, May 24 with 39 elders recommended for the responsibility of president.

We are in the middle of the next step in the process which is to receive a yes or no response from those recommended. The last date to receive those responses is Tuesday, June 1. Each nominee who responds in the affirmative will be sent a resume to complete. The nominees will have until Friday June 11 to return the completed resumes.

We will keep you updated as the process continues along.

Roy Holladay—Chairman, Council of Elders

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Summer Ministerial Transfers

May 28, 2010

[This memo was sent to the United Church of God ministry earlier today]

Summer Transfers

Greetings fellow ministers,

Here is an update for you on ministerial transfers to take place over the coming summer months.

Clyde and Dee Kilough will be moving to Raleigh, North Carolina. Clyde will pastor the Raleigh congregation, which has averaged more than 100 in attendance, along with the smaller Jacksonville, North Carolina, congregation. Both these congregations have been pastored by David Mills who will remain where he lives. He will continue to oversee the Asheboro and Charlotte, New Carolina, congregations.

Jim and Sharron Franks will be moving to Austin, Texas. He will become pastor of Austin as well as congregations in Waco and Coleman, Texas. Austin and Waco have been linked with San Antonio, Texas, with Gary Petty as pastor. Gary Petty will continue to be pastor in San Antonio. Also in Texas, Coleman was linked to Fort Worth and now Britt Taylor will be pastor of Fort Worth only.

David and Linda Register will be moving to the Redding, California, area where he will oversee the Red Bluff and Eureka congregations. Jim Chapman has been caring for that area since the early part of this year.

Larry and Judy Salyer will be moving to the Texarkana, Texas, and Ruston, Louisiana, congregations. These congregations were linked to East Texas (Big Sandy) under Ken Treybig.

All moves will take place this summer.

All the best for the Sabbath,

Roy Holladay, Interim President

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The German Question:

May 28, 2010

[Melvin Rhodes, senior writer for the Church’s publications and new chairman of the Council of Elders beginning July 1, filed this report on important developments in Europe.]

For a century and a half Europe has constantly been faced with “the German Question.”

Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck

In the 1860s, Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck asserted his country’s growing military might by forcing wars with the Austrian Empire and, a few years later, the French Empire. Prussia won both wars and consequently annexed the 39 independent states of the German Confederation under its own leader, Kaiser Wilhelm I.

At the time, some people could still remember when Germany was actually 360 independent countries prior to the Napoleonic Wars. Now, suddenly, it was united and the dominant power in Europe. Continuing its economic rise, by 1914 it was in a strong enough position to go to war with the British Empire—then the biggest and most powerful empire in the world—while at the same time fighting France and Russia on two fronts. Germany, together with its German speaking ally, Austria, lost.

The German Question continued to dominate Europe in the years following the war as the new Weimar Republic struggled with internal problems and uncertainties.

Twenty years after World War I, Germany was able to provoke another conflict, pursuing Adolf Hitler’s dream of a revived 1,000 year Reich, a successor to the Holy Roman Empire that had lasted for a millennium. Following that defeat, the German Question was still to dominate Europe as Germany was divided between East and West, with the Soviet Union controlling the East and the Allies the West.

In 1957 five other European countries tried to resolve the German Question by forming the EEC (European Economic Community), now the 27 nation EU (European Union). This was an attempt to control Germany, also a member, to ensure that never again would Europe go to war. In 1991, with the end of the Cold War, Germany was united again and once again the dominant European power. Some, including Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, opposed German reunification, remembering the lessons of history.

Back again

The German Question is back again. The Greek financial crisis, which has spread to other countries in the eurozone, could not be solved without a major contribution from Germany, the chief financier of the EU. Germany’s finances are in a better state than any other member nations’, the result of decades of fear of a return of hyperinflation that contributed to the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler.  As a result, the German constitution requires the country to balance its books, to live within its means. The result is that the nation is solvent, whereas many others, including the U.S. and the U.K., are really not.

So once again Germany is emerging as the dominant country in Europe. What will it do now?

Another way to ask that question is: How do we get from the 27 nation EU to the biblical “10 kings” that constitute the final revival of the Roman Empire (Rev 17:12-14)?

There has been a great deal of talk about the need for greater centralization in Europe—for all the countries to share one common fiscal policy—which would ensure nations like Greece cannot drag the others down again. If that happens, it cannot happen without Germany. Some other countries may pull out rather than lose their financial independence. What remains will be a solid hard core of countries (ten?) closely tied to Germany.

It’s a time of change in Europe. Even if the EU manages to resolve its current crisis, without a common fiscal policy there will be another crisis. The only solution is for the most committed members of the eurozone to  commit to a  tight fiscal union that would not allow over-spending, effectively embracing current  German fiscal policy.

Inevitably, Germany would be the leader….

Melvin Rhodes

Senior Writer—The Good News & World News and Prophecy

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More Booklets Updated and Printed

May 27, 2010

God’s Holy Day Plan booklet updated and sent to printer

Our updated God’s Holy Day Plan booklet is now at the printer and scheduled to be printed and delivered in June. This new version has more detailed explanations throughout, plus it’s now in full color with photos to better illustrate the meaning and significance of the Holy Days. It also has a new cover, shown here.

This booklet is one of our most important, and the understanding of God’s overall plan as revealed through the Holy Days truly sets apart the Church of God from traditional Christianity. Not counting this current print run, we have printed and distributed 200,000 copies of this booklet—an average of more than 14,000 per year (and more than a thousand per month) over its 14-year history. (Another way to look at it is that we have sent out an average of about 40 copies a day, year in and year out, for the last 14 years.)

This is another step in a several-year project to redesign and update the content of our 33 booklets. As we’re updating the booklets, we’re often including new material while adding photos and printing them in color throughout to make them more attractive and appealing to readers. We’re also printing them on lighter paper, which saves money on postage. We’re actually able to produce more attractive and informative publications at lower cost, which benefits those we are reaching with God’s truth and saves us money at the same time.

This latest booklet isn’t available for download yet due to the number of other urgent projects our media staff is working on, but it should be available in the coming weeks at

Other booklets reprinted due to high demand

At the same time we’re also reprinting our booklets What Happens After Death? (with 305,000 printed and distributed over 13 years, or more than 23,000 per year); Jesus Christ: The Real Story (270,000 printed and distributed over six years, or 45,000 per year); and Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension (230,000 printed and distributed over four years, or more than 57,000 per year).

These number reveal some important facts for us to consider. Even though it’s been almost 10 years since we started pointing readers to our Web sites and urging them to download booklets there, we continue to receive hundreds of thousands of requests for printed copies every year. Many readers clearly prefer printed versions over downloading or reading them online. We remain committed to meeting those needs.

As an article I read just last night noted, the demise of the printed word has been predicted every time a new form of mass media was introduced. At the turn of the 20th century it was the introduction of motion pictures, from the 1920s forward it was the growing popularity of radio, and from the 1950s forward it was network television (we might add to that the explosion of cable and satellite television channels in the 1980s and 90s).

In each case, as new forms of mass media were introduced and grew popular, the number of magazines and magazine readership actually increased. In like manner, even though the Internet is leading a new information explosion, magazines and printed publications continue to remain highly popular. In 2008 alone, almost 700 new magazines were launched—proving the ongoing need and desire for printed publications.

Scott Ashley

Booklets managing editor

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Governing Documents Review Underway

May 26, 2010
Implementation of the recent decision by the Council of Elders to review UCGIA’s governing documents has begun. Some men who have worked closely with the documents in past years and now, have been asked to recall instances where they experienced some difficulties with the clarity of the documents or their application in the “real world.”
Specifically, the purpose of the review is to identify articles and clauses in the documents that are:
  • Ambiguous.
  • Obscure or poorly constructed.
  • Unnecessarily complex.
  • Impractical.
  • Inconsistent with, and/or in conflict with other articles, clauses and/or approved operational and administrative policies.
  • Inconsistent with, and/or in conflict with current organizational, operational and administrative practices.
After the input referred to above has been received, a team will be assembled to conduct a systematic review of each document (Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Association) from the perspective of the criteria listed above.
The plan calls for the team to submit recommendations to the Council by the end of 2010. That will be a tough call, but without deadlines tasks tend to lose their impetus. The team will report its progress via this blog from time to time to keep you informed.

Bill Eddington

Chairman, Roles and Rules Committee—Council of Elders

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Video: Preparing the Bride

May 20, 2010

Preparing the Bride

This week’s episode of “About Our Father’s Business” by Roy Holladay is now available on the member’s Web site. The title of the program is “Preparing the Bride.”

Peter Eddington, Media and Communications Services

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Member Letter: Pentecost

May 19, 2010

Greetings fellow brethren,

Please find attached a letter that I trust will be helpful to you in your preparations for the Feast of Pentecost in just a few short days. It is in PDF format. The letter will also be available on the Member’s Web site later today.

May God enrich you as you make final preparations for the Feast of Pentecost,

Roy Holladay, Interim President

President Letter to Brethren 051910

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ABC Graduation: Class of 2010

May 19, 2010

Matthew Miller, class president

The eleventh class graduated from Ambassador Bible Center on Sunday, May 16. The Class of 2010 entered the hall to the upbeat music of “Pomp and Circumstance.” They were led by monitor Sarah Bates of the Class of 2007. Gary Antion welcomed the assembled guests and gave the invocation. Matthew Miller, the class president, gave the student address and rehearsed some of the experiences of the class from the past nine months. He urged the students not to forget what they learned at ABC and to put the information to good use.

After Ken Shoemaker directed the ABC Chorale (which sang two beautiful songs), David Register, director of education programs, delivered the graduation address. He stressed the importance of godly character and of putting into practice what they, “The Amazing Class of 2010” have learned at ABC.

ABC Chorale

The award ceremony followed the graduation address. Mr. Register presented Megan Brown, Daryn Campbell and Brandon Krueger each an Ambassador Award of Excellence. Darris McNeely, of the Council of Elders, gave the Council Service Award to Caleb Creech and Anna Helterbrand.

Caleb Creech, Darris McNeely, Anna Helterbrand

Brandon Krueger, David Register, Megan Brown, Daryn Campbell

Forty and one-half diplomas in Biblical Studies were presented to the graduates. The one-half was Calvin Creech, son of Caleb and Valerie Creech. He is just four months old. He came with his parents to class daily, so a small diploma was presented to him.

After a hearty round of applause for the graduates, Ralph Levy gave the benediction. All were welcomed to share in cake and beverages to help celebrate this special occasion.

Students and Guests

Students and Faculty on the Home Office Lawn

Thanks go to Ina McLemore, Jorge and Kathy de Campos, Clint Porter, Peter Eddington, Michelle de Campos and their staff for all the food, decorations and set-up for the event.

Gary Antion, Student Affairs

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Israel: Ministerial Travel Blog

May 18, 2010

John Miller, a United Church of God elder from Sugarcreek, Ohio, is doing a daily travel blog of the ministerial tour of Israel this week.

Tour Bus for the Trip

A number of UCG ministers are on a guided tour of biblical Israel, sponsored by Ambassador Bible Center (ABC). The tour started in Tel Aviv and then will use the Sea of Galilee as the main base of operation for several days. The last five days will be in Jerusalem—including for the Day of Pentecost.

Click here to keep up with the daily blog. It includes commentary, photographs and video clips by various ministers and wives. To view the video commentaries, simply click on “The B-Report” video icons.

Peter Eddington, Media and Communications Services

Barb Welch Video Clip

Bill Johnson Video Clip

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Beyond Today Spot Ads

May 14, 2010

As previously announced, Beyond Today is now airing on five U.S. broadcast television stations in addition to over 150 free, cable access community stations. You can see the stations and times here.

As part of our contract, the five broadcast TV stations run free advertising for our program, but often at unpredictable times of the day or night. Therefore, as a test, we are going to pay a nominal fee and conduct a vertical rotation of our ads during daytime hours (7:00 am-5:00 p.m.) of five 30-second spots per day on 3-days per week (Wed/Thu/Fri) for 4 weeks on the Boise, Peoria and Springfield television stations.

The run-dates will be May 19-21, May 26-28, Jun 2-4 and Jun 9-11. If you live in one of these test cities, you may be lucky enough to see our ads run. We will air the two previously produced promotional spots in about half-and-half frequency. The number of spots to air will be 15 per station per week, equaling 60-spots per station or 180 total spots over the four week term. These spots will complement the free spot placements the stations are currently providing. Hopefully, this advertising effort will increase awareness and generate additional traffic to our telecasts.

View the two versions of the spots that are running for free by clicking on the images below. Both of them will run in the test as above. Please pray for the success of this, and all of our various efforts, to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom.

Also, we’d be pleased to hear your helpful feedback on either of these two ads, which were produced by two of our younger video editors at the home office.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

John LaBissoniere, Beyond Today Time Buying Manager

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