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Program About Christmas Produces Excellent Response

December 31, 2013

Beyond Today Program About Christmas Produces Excellent Response

Beyond Today program, “Regifting Jesus,” produced by the United Church of God, aired the week of December 22-28, 2013. Hosted by Gary Petty, this episode which discussed the origins of Christmas, recorded an excellent 1,105 total viewer responses on WGN America and the WORD Networks. We are pleased to report this program placed second highest in overall response and second in cost per response out of the 25 programs aired so far this fiscal year.

We are always grateful for your support and prayers in our efforts to preach and publish the good news of God’s coming Kingdom throughout the world.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

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“Regifting Jesus” Generates Excellent Response

December 31, 2012

Beyond Today Program, “Regifting Jesus,” Strikes Chord With Audience

A new Beyond Today program, “Regifting Jesus” hosted by Gary Petty, aired the week of December 23-29, 2012. We are pleased to report that this episode, featuring the subject of Christmas, produced an excellent 1,154 responses.

These results place this program in third overall place out of the 25 new and repeat programs aired so far this fiscal year. Please see the chart below that shows the current top ten programs.

BT Top 10

As always, we are very appreciative of your continuing prayers and support and pray that God will bless our ongoing United Church of God efforts to preach the gospel of His Kingdom.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

regifting jesus

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“Good News” Brochure Distribution Program to Expand

February 22, 2012

Successful U.S. Member Participation Program to Begin 14th Distribution Year

We are pleased to announce that four new tri-fold brochures and an updated earlier one are now available for distribution by brethren and congregations in the United States. The brochures offer potential readers a free, one-year subscription to The Good News magazine and one of our foundational booklets. The brochure titles include:

  • Heaven and Hell – What Does the Bible Really Teach?
  • Holidays or Holy Days – Does it Matter Which Days We Observe?
  • Managing Your Finances
  • The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy
  • What Happens After Death? (updated)

For the last 13 years the Good News brochure distribution program has been an important part of the efforts of the United Church of God to publish the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Since 1999 our dedicated church members have distributed over half a million brochures. These brochures have generated 10,046 subscriber responses equaling an overall excellent 1.95 percent response at a very fine $1.56 cost per response. Below are brochure distribution totals for each year:

  • 1999            21,497
  • 2000            43,500
  • 2001            40,200
  • 2002            51,250
  • 2003            21,840
  • 2004            13,835
  • 2005            108,535
  • 2006            71,665
  • 2007            58,408
  • 2008            31,555
  • 2009            18,485
  • 2010            27,080
  • 2011            6,620

Total            514,470

Over the previous 13 years brethren have placed brochures in restaurants, supermarkets, motels, hospital and clinic lobbies, auto-repair shops, hairdressers, senior centers, libraries, convenience stores and many other locations.

Whether brochures are placed in a display or a few are left on a table for pick-up in such locations, many distribution opportunities exist to reach potential readers. Additionally, members have used brochures as an opportunity to introduce the Church’s literature to interested relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

As we begin our 14th distribution year, we invite all brethren and congregations in the United States to participate in this newly expanded program. This program is one in which every member can be involved.

Please contact John LaBissoniere at or call 423-562-9400 or toll-free 888-369-9940 for your supply of brochures and displays.

Also for information, you are welcome to visit the Brochure Program Web page at

John LaBissoniere—Print Advertising Manager, Media and Communications Services

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If Christ is Not in Christmas, Then Where Is He?

December 14, 2011

If Christ is not in Christmas, then where is He? Each year controversy erupts over Christmas in the public square. Is this the way it should be? A national group is asking officials in the southern New Jersey town of Pitman to take down a banner that says “Keep Christ in Christmas.”

View today’s episode of the United Church of God’s video blog, BT Daily, for a discussion on this controversy. And, while you’re there, browse through archives from more than 20 episodes recorded over the past three weeks.

One of the more popular blogs, with more than 1,000 views so far, is Daniel Part 1 – Do You See the Handwriting on the Wall? More importantly, can you understand what it means?

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

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