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New: Jelly Learns the Books of the Bible!

December 22, 2012

View this new short film from the United Church of God and the producers of Beyond Today television: “Jelly Learns the Books of the Bible.”

This catchy song will help our young ones memorize the books of the Bible in order! Teach your children this fun sing-along song as we study God’s Word.

Jelly bible UCG banner small

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services.

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New Dutch Booklets Published

February 13, 2012

Voluntary teamwork in the Netherlands serves the Dutch speaking nations around the world

Last week UCG-Netherlands printed it’s eighth translated booklet “Is er leven na de dood?” (“What happens after death?”). The ninth booklet, “Schepping of Evolutie: Maakt het uit wat u gelooft?” (“Creation or Evolution”) will follow within the next couple of weeks.

In addition to the booklets, UCG-Netherlands has also posted all 12 lessons of the Bible Study Course in the Dutch language online. The first print version of the lessons will be available later this year. Furthermore, our Dutch brethren have produced Dutch supplements for the last 10 years that have been distributed with the English Good News magazine to subscribers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Dutch speaking areas in the Caribbean. GN circulation for the Dutch speaking area is around 1,500 copies.

From the beginning the editorial work has been a highly motivated voluntary teamwork effort by the small flock in the Netherlands. UCG-Netherlands on average has a church attendance of about 30 to 40 people. Dutch members work on various publications as a team of translators, typesetters and proofreaders. The volunteers work on their projects as they are able to and their daily schedules permit. Jamie de Moei does the initial typesetting and enters the editorial changes, and Paul Kieffer, pastor of the Dutch and German speaking region, assists with the final typesetting.

The Dutch booklets are also available online:

For the year 2012, UCG-Netherlands plans to have Kingdom of God Bible Seminars in Reeuwijk, Maarn and Antwerpen. The speakers will be the resident elder Marcos Rosales, Martin Arendsen and Wim Dekker, both members of the national board.

The team effort to preach the gospel in the Dutch language has strengthened and unified the flock in the Netherlands, providing satisfaction and joy to church members.

Jesmina Allaoua—German Office

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Update: UCG Booklets on Amazon. We Need Your Help

February 8, 2012

As posted on January 6, 2012, the United Church of God is offering its booklets in electronic format at the Amazon and Kindle online bookstores. This will allow those who own an Amazon Kindle or use the Kindle App on their smartphone or tablet an easy way to download our e-books from the Kindle Store.

Amazon does not allow us to offer our e-books for free when we first upload them, and so they are initially offered for 99 cents. However, we then inform Amazon about a lower price (free) and Amazon is now matching that and offering our booklets at no charge. (Please read the past blog post “UCG Booklets Becoming Available on“.)

As of today, we have 10 e-books available at—nine of which are now listed for free. Last week we added two more e-books to the store. So far over 6,000 have been downloaded from the Kindle bookstore. The vast majority of these were downloaded for free.

United Church of God - Amazon Kindle Store

Here are our top three titles and the number of downloads (as of February 6, 2012):

  • What Happens After Death? – 1,445
  • You Can Understand Bible Prophecy – 858
  • Jesus Christ: The Real Story – 791

It is really exciting to see the number of downloads in such a short amount of time. Some UCG e-booklets are now listed on Amazon’s Best Sellers list for free e-books. For instance three booklets are listed as “Best Sellers in Christian Education – Top 100 Free” and are in the top five range!

We Need Your Help

When we post a new e-book to Amazon we need your help to let them know its available at other online locations for FREE. Right now we have one e-book that is still listed for 99 cents—How to Understand the Bible.

We need just a few minutes of your time. All you need to do is have an account and follow the instructions listed on our Amazon volunteer webpage or visit our main How Can I Help? volunteer page (under the “I have free time” section). Once the e-book is listed for free at we will remove the request for that particular e-book.

You can also help by submitting a review of any of our e-books and leaving a comment that you feel would be helpful to any potential readers.

Please take a few minutes and help us with this project. It will really help our Web team at the homeoffice!

Aaron Booth—Internet Manager

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