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Canadian “Beyond Today” TV Responses Reach Milestone

December 24, 2014

40,000 Responses, and Counting

It took just over 8 ½ years for UCG-Canada to reach a milestone in Beyond Today responses. After 448 weeks on the air, we reached 40,000 responses.Beyond Today Logo - low res

From the humble beginning back on May 21, 2006, when we had 20 responses, our audience has continued to grow. It took 201 weeks—nearly 4 years—to reach 10,000 responses. The next 10,000 responses only took 88 weeks. Another 83 weeks later we saw 30,000 responses and a mere 76 weeks after that we reached 40,000 responses. (A request for literature offered on the program is considered a response.)

Overall, the average number of responses stands at 89.3 per week. After our first year we averaged 33.9 responses per week. In our 9th year we’re averaging 126.6 responses per week.

About 48% of all the responses we’ve received to date are from people not in our database. They were added as a result of the Beyond Today program, either on television, on the Internet or by mail.

Viewers of the program on TV (Vision Television or Hope Television) account for over 80% of all the responses received in Canada.

Prophecy is one topic that consistently draws the attention of our viewers. Programs related to prophecy account for 7 of the 10 programs with the highest number of responses. Coincidentally, 7 of the programs with the highest number of responses also aired in this calendar year.

The program that aired on the Labour Day weekend in 2013 drew the highest responses. It was the first time the program called The Four Horsemen of Revelation aired and in Canada we recorded 369 responses.

In February 2014 the program called Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns saw the second-highest number of responses at 366. The second time that program aired in September 2014 we saw the sixth-highest number of responses at 247.

Other programs that have drawn good responses include The Power of the Holy Spirit. That program also aired last March and September with a total of 549 responses from both airings.

Several Canadian pastors report that they’ve received a number of inquiries about Sabbath services. Many of those inquiries are from people who responded to the program.
As we continue to air Beyond Today in Canada, we look forward to many more positive results and we continue to be grateful for the support we receive from the home office in Cincinnati, and the Media and Communications Services department.

United Church of God–Canada, Media Team.


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  1. Fantastic !!!

    Comment by Charlie | December 26, 2014 | Reply

  2. 40,000 potentially called of God! Praying every last one will answer the call!

    Comment by | December 26, 2014 | Reply

  3. Exellent results. Going from an average of 34 responses a week to 127 a week in just 9 years, represents an annual compounded rate of return of 15.8% a year, a phenomenol growth rate by any business or entity standard.
    Your Friend,
    Bill Lussenheide

    Comment by Bill Lussenheide | December 27, 2014 | Reply

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