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Man to Man: Live Bible Study Webcast

March 13, 2014

Man to Man: How Does Jesus Define a “Man” Today?

Vertical Thought  Bible Study

God created both man and woman. What did He expect of the first man in the Garden of Eden? And what does Jesus Christ expect of you as a man today? Watch and listen as Randy Stiver and Matthew Fenchel show how to understand from Jesus Christ’s example and words how He defines a “man” today!

Join us on Friday night, March 14, at 8 p.m. EDT for the next Vertical Thought Bible Class (VTBC) titled “Man to Man.” This live webcast will originate from the Ambassador Bible Center lecture hall in the home office of the United Church of God in Cincinnati, Ohio. Be part of this exciting and insightful series addressing two key challenges facing teens and young adults today: true manhood and true womanhood.

Vertical Thought Bible Class is produced especially for teens, young adults and “young” adults of all ages. Just go to and click on “Live Bible Class.

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Randy Stiver—Managing Editor, Vertical Thought

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