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Vertical Thought Bible Class

November 7, 2013

Join us this Friday night, November 8, at 8 p.m. ET for the next Vertical Thought Bible Class at and click on Live Bible Class! Once again, this study is available live via webcast.

 Childlike: To Be or Not to Be?

That is the question that instructor Matthew Fenchel will address at the Ambassador Bible Center Lecture Hall in Milford, Ohio. He will lead you to the practical answers that teach how to successfully mature as a true Christian—including a short list of key questions you can test yourself with.

Join teens and young adults from around the world connecting via live webcast to learn insightful and helpful lessons from the Bible. A useful handout with group discussion questions will be available for download just before the VT Bible Class webcast begins.

Vertical Thought magazine is very happy to sponsor these monthly Bible classes for their youth and young adult readers. Be sure to check out VT’s daily blogs, commentaries, articles and Vertical News items at

YABC webcast

Remember, the Vertical Thought Bible Class is meant for teens, young adults and “young” adults of all ages!

Get together with your friends to watch the webcast, print a few handouts at the link, and afterward enjoy a pleasant discussion of the topic over coffee and snacks. It’s a delightful way to begin the Sabbath!

Randy Stiver—Managing Editor, Vertical Thought

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