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More Publications Available in French

L'Eglise que Jesus a fondeeWe are pleased to announce some new literature available in the French language. In addition to the regular, bi-monthly production of our magazine, Bonnes Nouvelles, in the past year two booklets have been revised  and updated: “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” and “What Is Your Destiny?” The latter had been available in French since 1997, but had been revised in English in 1998. This new French update went to print last May. It follows the 1998 english version and required a complete new translation. This booklet receives a lot of requests,  and we are very happy to now have a much more complete discussion of this vital topic available in French.

Plus, in the past year, the booklet titled “Vous pouvez obtenir une foi vivante” (You Can Have Living Faith ) was completed and sent to print. Also, in late 2012, a brand new French booklet titled “L’Église que Jésus a fondée” (The Church Jesus Built) went to print and is now available. Last July the Bible Study Course lesson N°8 , titled “Qu’est-ce que la conversion chrétienne?” also became available in French.

This brings to 15 the number of our United Church of God booklets available in French and we are working toward completing all 12 lessons of the Bible Study Course.

We appreciate your prayers that God may work in the lives of those reading these publications in the French-speaking world.

Maryse Pebworth—French Publications Coordinator

Tim and Maryse Pebworth

Tim and Maryse Pebworth

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  1. well done, great effort….good to read.

    Comment by paul spenser | August 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. Bravo Maryse et tous ceux qui travaillent sur ce projet. C’est du travail et cela mérite d’être souligné!

    Comment by F. DUVAL | August 9, 2013 | Reply

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