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April 22, 2013

gn13mjRecently a New York judge tossed out any restriction on the age a person has to be to purchase, without a prescription, a “morning-after pill” to terminate a pregnancy.

Prior to his ruling a woman had to be at least 17 to legally get the drug. If his ruling stands, a girl as young as 12 or 13—or her male partner—can buy a pill that will cause her body to spontaneously abort her “problem,” ending that unborn life.

This follows on the heels of a 2012 decision by the New York Department of Education to make morning-after pills available to schoolgirls as young as 14 without parental consent.

Ironically, if that same 14-year-old were to go her school nurse to get an aspirin for a headache, the nurse would have to get parental permission to do so. But courtesy of this education department, children can be given abortion-inducing drugs without their parents ever knowing.

What a horrifying message to send to girls who are little more than children themselves—that destroying an unborn human life is of such little consequence, or none at all.

What does it say about a society when, on the grounds of protecting citizens’ health, a city bans the sale of sweetened drinks larger than 16 ounces (a third larger than the most common size), but it allows, and even pays for, abortion-inducing drugs for its schoolchildren?

In what kind of twisted universe does that make sense?

This is the kind of blind and perverse reasoning we see when a people and their leaders increasingly turn their backs on God. As our Creator, He gave us an instruction manual in the form of His Word, the Bible. But rejecting its revelation for how we should live and what makes for a peaceful, purposeful, well-ordered society, we’ve increasingly decided to create our own rules and ignore the lessons of history—bringing curses on ourselves in the process.

But you don’t have to go that way. You can learn from God’s Word the awesome purpose of human life, and why abortion is so wrong in His sight. You can know why you are here and why you were born, as described in the cover article of the latest issue of the United Church of God’s Good News magazine, arriving in your mailbox shortly.

We hope you’ll carefully read the articles in this issue to learn about the future God has in store for you. Understanding that, you’ll then understand how God views one of the most divisive and controversial issues affecting our society today—that of abortion.

Scott Ashley
Managing editor


PS—To really understand where the world is headed and why, you need to understand what’s going on from a biblical perspective. Get the real story you won’t read anywhere else. Download or read the May-June issue today!

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  1. Keep fervently praying for the end of this national holocaust of abortion. May God’s kingdom come soon.

    Your Friend,
    Bill Lussenheide

    Comment by Bill Lussenheide | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. It’s really sad and scary to think about young, not fully developed minds given the ability to end life. Coping with this type of reasoning is just one of the challenges educators face today. As a high school teacher, I look forward to re-educating these young minds in tomorrow’s world of truth and love for the born and unborn. Thy Kingdom come.

    Comment by Dee | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  3. Satan’s hatred of mankind is truly manifested in the abuse and murder of children; the abused so often become abusers, everyone is hurt and all need healing. We live in desperate times. Thank you for a timely article that pulls no punches.

    Comment by Mavis Stucci | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  4. I refuse to call it “abortion”, as that is the “pc” term the liberals want you to use. Call it what it is, “infant murder” or “baby murder”. It would be great if our tv show, Beyond Today, could do a show on this subject, and preach boldly, that it is a sin.

    Comment by Jim#2 | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  5. The main problem for the 14 year old, is not the fact that she wants and abortion, and of course that is murder, but the main problem is why is she pregnant to begin with? Where were the parents while this was happening? The parents of teenagers today have got to give up the crowded social life while they are dealing with teenagers. Don’t miss out on the clues that they are giving you. Be available to listen to their concerns.
    I raised ten and I know they can do things you would never think they would be capable of. But a stable family life where limits are set on free time, and accountability is part of developing mature judgement is something that has to be in place. Respect of adults and the rights of others has to be in place, or the right decisions will not be made.

    Comment by Myra McQueen | May 2, 2013 | Reply

  6. The purpose for the “morning after” pill is to prevent pregnancy, not to abort an embryo or fetus already formed. Conception can occur anytime between 24-72 hours after intercourse; therefore, the pill’s effectiveness decreases as the interim between sex and ingestion increases. This form of contraceptive will not keep a pregnancy from occuring if the female takes it more than three days after having sex.

    As Ms. McQueen stated, the western world’s sliding scale morality is the real issue. Our children only know what they see and hear around them. Intact families are now the exception rather than the rule. The “me-ology” mindset taught in schools–grade school curricula actually include a class with that name (my children’s heads were filled with that nonsense)–underscores to children that their individual rights preempt anyone else’s and it nullifies any authority or restraints on their behavior. They are being groomed into believing that, as minors, they should be treated as equals because they are as good as anyone else. Our youth are conditioned to believe that whatever feels good is good. This perception becomes their reality if parents aren’t on top of things or, worse yet, if they don’t have a steady moral compass themselves.

    Comment by catharinemartin | May 3, 2013 | Reply

    • Some very good points! I recommend putting your statement here on Facebook! There are teenagers there who need to know this

      Comment by Myra McQueen | May 4, 2013 | Reply

    • Catherine,
      That is exactly what I thought too, I was unsure why it was called the abortion pill when everything I read said that it is a preventative not something that causes an abortion. I have tried asking people who have called it that where they got their information from as I was wondering if I had misunderstood or not done enough research but people usually don’t want to answer me or they think it strange that I am asking. My doctor who is Catholic and Pro-Life says she doesn’t understand why people are so upset about this pill when it does not cause abortion – just prevents the egg from being fertalized and she really had wanted to be able to give it to young girls who had come into her clinic after experiencing rape. So after doing research I discovered there was truth to what she said…
      But then I saw this article and I got confused that maybe my information and research had been wrong. I don’t think it’s fair that anyone should have to use it, but I can understand it, ONLY if it does NOT CAUSE abortion, and if it was done under abusive conditions, and unfortunately, people DO experience that. I wish someone could point me in the right direction of where it says this pill causes abortion and then I could take a stand against it… otherwise, I’m still looking at the research..,

      Comment by Jenny | May 4, 2013 | Reply

      • I do want to say though, that either way – this is a sad thing that has been created in this world – as a result from sin… and it is not a good thing at all. I hope that is clear.

        Comment by Jenny from ^^ | May 6, 2013 | Reply

        • TO UCG:

          I have recently posted a You Tube video that will save babies if we can get young women to watch it. I am very serious about this!

          It is a song that I wrote from the viewpoint of a growing fetus in the womb. The tempo of the song is the beat of the babies heart you hear in the beginning. (it is actually a recording of my daughter’s heart in the womb.) The song comes in and continues in that beat. It has a POWERFUL ending. It is called “Momma What You Feelin'”. It really is a good production. God inspired me to write it, I had never thought about writing a song like this. As you will hear….it is my best song…..and it is my worst song too.

          Please watch it, you will realize how important it is. This will make a difference! Please help me figure out how to get it those contemplating abortion.

          Thanks for helping, thanks for preaching the truth,

          Barry Gannon 314-910-9109

          Comment by Barry | May 7, 2013

        • That is very good! a wake up call for all of us

          Comment by Myra McQueen | May 7, 2013

  7. Thanks Myra,

    Barry Gannon

    Comment by Barry Gannon | May 7, 2013 | Reply

    • I put it on my page on Facebook. Hope that was okay

      Comment by Myra McQueen | May 7, 2013 | Reply

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