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“Beyond Today” Program About the Sabbath Produces Excellent Response

April 16, 2013

Beyond Today program, “The Sabbath in History and Prophecy,” produced by the United Church of God, aired the week of April 7-13, 2013. Hosted by Darris McNeely, this episode recorded an excellent 1,115 total viewer responses on WGN America and the WORD Networks. It placed 7th in overall response and 5th in cost per response out of the 40 programs aired so far this fiscal year.

These results come shortly after Beyond Today program “How Christian is Easter?” hosted by Steve Myers, produced an excellent 1,087 responses during the week of March 17-23, 2013.

The top twelve response-generating programs so far this fiscal year are as follows:

Beyond Today Program Week Aired Host Response
The Rapture: Hope or Hoax? Jan. 13-19, 2013 Steve Myers 1345
Change Your Life Story Jan. 20-26, 2013 Gary Petty 1267
Mideast Family Feud Nov. 11-17, 2012 Darris McNeely 1249
You Are What Your Eat Sep. 16-22, 2012 Steve Myers 1217
Regifting Jesus Dec. 23-29, 2012 Gary Petty 1154
666 and You! Feb. 10-16, 2013 Steve Myers 1144
The Sabbath in History & Prophecy Apr. 7-13, 2013 Darris McNeely 1115
The Lost Tribes of Israel Aug. 5-11, 2012 Darris McNeely 1107
Will I Go to Heaven? Nov. 18-24, 2012 Steve Myers 1099
How Christian is Easter? Mar. 17-23, 2013 Steve Myers 1087
Bracing For the Beast Aug. 12-18, 2012 Steve Myers 1060
Are You in Sync With God? Jul. 8-14, 2012 Gary Petty 1048

We are always deeply grateful for your support and prayers in our unwavering efforts to preach and publish the good news of the Kingdom of God in all the world.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

Peter Eddington

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  1. Once we begin to keep the Spiritual Covenant, doesn’t the Sabbath Rest involve Heb.4:5-6-“some must enter” the Rest? and “they to whom it was preached before, entered not because of unbelief”? So doesn’t that involve entering the Spiritual Body, not just keeping a day, because we can’t keep the same time of the Sabbath here as they keep in Jerusalem, where the commandment was given. Notice that the word here is “enter” not “keep”

    Comment by Myra McQueen | April 16, 2013 | Reply

    • You are correct to focus on the word “keep”. Hebrews 4:9 summarizes the above discussion: “There remains then a Sabbath rest for the people of God”. “Sabbath rest” is the translation of the Greek “Sabbatismos” which means “a keeping of a Sabbath”. This can be verified in any lexicon.
      There is no confusion as to which day is God’s Sabbath. Mark 2:27 states that “the Sabbath was made for man” not Sunday.
      The Sabbath begins at sundown where you are not in Jerusalem. Genesis 2:2-3, God declared the 7th day to be holy and rested on that day. This was declared over the whole earth not just Jerusalem.
      I was raised in Protestant churches and was taught that Sunday was the new Sabbath. It wasn’t until I met someone who actually rested on the Sabbath (7th day) that I realized that it made more sense to obey God and defend obedience than to keep pagan days and defend disobedience.

      Comment by David Surridge | April 21, 2013 | Reply

      • Yes, you are right. God did command the Sabbath as a day to be kept according to the sunset in Israel-right? So how do we keep the same day unless we do so according to the sunset in the area where it was commanded, because we are breaking it in the area where it was commanded if we keep the Sabbath according to other areas-right?

        Comment by Myra McQueen | April 21, 2013 | Reply

        • Actually, there is no proof that the Garden of Eden was in Israei. The point is that God created a seven-day cycle of time and that the seventh day, based on whenever it came to a particular part of the world, should be observed. Saturday is Saturday in the U.S., Russia, or wherever. Whenever it is the seventh day in a particular geographical area is when it should be observed in that geographical area.

          Comment by Basil Kopey | April 22, 2013

        • You are right Basil, there is no indication of location at all in the Old Testament, but there is also no indication that the Sabbath was even kept by Noah, Abraham, Issac, or Jacob. But in the New Testament, there is a location for our entering God’s Rest in Heb.4:5-6, and that Rest is in the Body of Christ, and we cannot leave that Rest, because it takes place in His Body. If we leave that Rest, we go back into sin. It has nothing to do with physical labor, but following Christ. We have to go into the Spiritual Covenant now.

          Notice that when the Pharisees accused Christ in John 5:16 of not keeping the Sabbath, He said in v.17-“My Father works, and I work.”
          God does not take days off, because if He did the universe would go into a condition known as “entropy.” IOW it would deteriorate into waste, because He is the Sustainer of all life and the laws of physics

          What Gen. 2:2 (God’s Rest)refers to Heb.4:3-“…..the works were finished from the foundation of the world.” Otherwise how is He keeping the Sabbath where there is no Sunset? That would limit God wouldn’t it?

          Comment by Myra McQueen | April 22, 2013

        • There is no mention in scripture that the timing of the Sabbath is determined by sunset times in Jerusalem. There are many examples of the Sabbath being kept in various places. One example is found in Exodus 16. Here God tells Moses to gather twice as much manna on the sixth day and it will keep to be used on the 7th day. At this time Israel was in the desert near Mt. Sinai. Jerusalem was not the capital of Judah or Israel and the Israelites would have had no way to know what time the sun set in Jerusalem. Genesis 1:14-18, says that God made the sun and the moon to govern the day and the night and to separate light from darkness. Genesis establishes that a day begins at darkness and darkness occurs at different times depending on which longitude you are at. If you keep the Sabbath where you are according to the time that the sun goes down you will be in obedience with the commandment. Here is link to a UCG booklet called “Sunset to Sunset God’s Sabbath Rest.

          Comment by David Surridge | April 22, 2013

        • Thanks David and yes there is mention of the Sunset timing in Ex.16:22-30-“…the Lord has given you the Sabbath, therefore He gives you on the sixth day the bread of two days, abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day, So the people rested the Seventh Day.” Otherwise, how do you keep the specific day?

          Now David, how is the day determined according to Gen.1:5? Isn’t it sunset to sunset? “and the evening and the morining were the first day” How else do you separate evening from morning except with the sun? So the commandment in Ex.16 was given in the area where Israel was in the wilderness-right?

          Now if you want to say the Sun represents where God puts His presence(Mal.4:2) then I would say that does not fit exactly where the COGs are at this time, because they are not in agreement or in unity, are they? In fact we have some bizzare systems in place, like Ron Weinland and Dave Pack, etc. So how do we understand exactly where God is putting His presence now? Isn’t it in those who follow Christ, and keep His Word, not just reading booklets, but taking the Word of God to heart and keeping it.

          As far as Mt.Sinai is concerned in relation to the commandment here to keep the Sabbath as a day, yes, that day was to be kept as a 24 hour period, from sunset to sunset, just as it occurred in the area of that Mountain, but we find by the time we get to Gal.4:24 that Paul refers to Mt.Sinai as the First Covenant “which genders to bondage” and is representative of the bondwoman(Hagar) What does he mean?

          Comment by Myra McQueen | April 22, 2013

        • Myra, Thanks for the challenging questions. Do you keep the Sabbath where you are according to the sunset times in Jerusalem?

          Comment by David Surridge | April 23, 2013

        • Thanks David. I was in the WCG for years, and kept the Sabbath as a day, being cauious about sunset where I was, until I began to research the Scriptures and the history of the WCG. I feel that God is trying to reach the COGs with the recognition of the reality of Christ in our personal lives today.

          Actually the Pharisees kept the Sabbath and the Law far better than we do-right. So then why did they not recognize Christ as their Saviour? And why does Christ say in Matt.5:20-“…except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

          So that appears to mean that keeping the Sabbath or the Law is not what will save us(although we do have to keep the Law and the Sabbath)right? So what is missing in the COGs(because God scatters His enemies-Psa.68, and we are definitely scattered)

          Matt.18:3 -Christ says we have to become childlike in our walk with Him. The COGs are not apparently doing this, and so we are failing to follow Christ. We have to recognize how the Sabbath is kept by entering that Body of Christ, and not going back into the world mentally during the rest of the time. It takes faith to do this, and unfortunately the leadership just does not trust the Holy Spirit to lead. They are trying to appeal to the world on a carnal level, thinking that will convert people, and yet only God can reveal Himself. We need to ask Him to do that and to send more laborers of His truth-not the doctrines of any human.

          Comment by Myra McQueen | April 23, 2013

  2. I love the variety of topics on the BT programs. I especially love how you are teaching others how to keep God’s word. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Hope | April 17, 2013 | Reply

  3. It is good to see that doctrinally oriented programs are drawing a good response. There is still interest in the Bible!

    Your Friend,
    Bill Lussenheide

    Comment by Bill Lussenheide | April 17, 2013 | Reply

  4. The COGs have not yet come to the point of putting God’s Word ahead of their ministry’s teachings. We have to prove all things and that is part of our accountability

    Comment by Myra McQueen | April 18, 2013 | Reply

    • You need to explain where the COGs have not put God’s Word ahead of their ministry’s teaching.

      Comment by Basil Kopey | April 22, 2013 | Reply

      • If the ministry were putting God’s Word ahead of the church doctrine, there would be unity of the Spirit-right, just as there was in the New Testament Church? and there would be less booklets and more encouragement to think with the Scriptures, not the doctrinal concepts of the specific ministry that leads your particular splinter. And we would not be scattered.

        Comment by Myra McQueen | April 22, 2013 | Reply

        • Myra, you are still generalizing. Please be specific as to what you mean where the COG ministries teach something that is contrary to God’s Word. Since this is a UCG site, please specify what the UCG ministry teaches that is contrary to God’s Word. There was disunity in parts of the New Testament Church also, which Paul addressed particularly to the Corinthians. Again, please be specific when laying out your points.

          Comment by Basil Kopey | April 23, 2013

        • Well Basil, not only the UCG, but all the COGs are now focused on what they perceive is the Gospel, while they continue to preach the Gospel of Herbert Armstrong or some other COG leader such as those who just left your organization for the COGwa and more false prophets, and still use the prophecies of HWA, who claimed not to be a prophet, and yet he di prophesy and his prophecies failed, and who led people into his own ideas regarding the time of Christ’s coming and set dates that were not accurate, just as is being done now in other breakoffs.

          The real Gospel of Christ is about entering the Body of Christ, which in time past has been the organization, not the Spiritual Body, and developing that one on one relationship between the individual and Jesus Christ. Then we can enter that Spiritual Body and become unified as the true church of God and Jesus Christ.

          We are taught the government of God as one of the 18 restored truths that Christ will establish at His coming and all will be peaceful after that. Really? then how is it that after 1000 year millenium, Satan manages to organize an army-Rev.20:7-8-“…the number of whom is as the sand of the sea”?

          We are taught the church era theory which actually originated with Ellen G.White, and yet HWA said that he was the first one to restore these 18 truths? Then was no church during the church eras of the true church teaching the truth?

          We ar taught monetary tithing, and that is not in the Scriptures, only freewill offerings were taught by the New Testament. We are scattered doctrinally, while the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ was always in a state of unity, even when they disagreed, it was not due to doctrine. So why are are we continuing to divide and subtract?
          Shall I go on?

          Comment by Myra McQueen | April 23, 2013

        • Thank you for your response, Myra. I just wanted to get a better feel of where you are ideologically. I surmise that you accepted the doctrinal positions of Joseph Tkach, Jr, and his colleagues and rejected the doctrinal positions that were taught by the Worldwide Church of God for many decades. I presume you do not observe the 7th day Sabbath, the Holy Days, or other foundational Church of God doctrine. It is your right to believe what you do believe. Although there are certain things that we can agree on concerning the WCG’s past I also do not agree with certain historical and philosophical statements you make about our observance of God’s laws as part of our relationship with God based on both faith and obedience. It would be too lengthy to go into all the different points in this venue, plus I don’t think it would be appropriate to use this venue for that purpose. Needless to say, I’m sure you realize that you and a good number of this blog’s regular readers would probably not see eye-to-eye on many doctrinal positions. In my personal case, I would just say let’s agree to disagree and may God lead us to where He wants us to go.

          Comment by Basil Kopey | April 23, 2013

        • I am an old Worldwider Basil, and even until 1995, I was afraid to say anything against Herbert Armstrong, but then God has led some of us to realize that the COGs are scattered because of that idolatry of the Armstrongs. They were the “golden calves” that led us out of Egypt(sin)and we gave them all the credit for God was doing, and is doing.

          Joe Tkach did not get that position behind God’s back. He got it because like the ancient Nebuchadnezzar, God gave us to that flawed man because of our sins, as He said through Moses and Nehemiah, “If you transgress, I will scatter you…” and we have become our own Babylon because we fail to see that. And God says in Rev.18:4-“Come out of her My people”(the church is the only people of God today-right?)

          Comment by Myra McQueen | April 24, 2013

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