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Dennis Luker Launches New Video For Members

January 31, 2013

Focus on God’s Work

The home office has begun a new monthly information video for the United Church of God membership titled: Focus on God’s Work. Dennis Luker, president, asked Victor Kubik to present the inaugural video at the weekly staff meeting on Monday morning.

The plan is for various managers and employees to give a report about their area of responsibility that may be of particular interest to our congregations. Pastors are asked to make the video links available to our membership, and most videos will be suitable to play in the sermonette timeslot at Sabbath services.

Focus on God’s Work has it’s own menu selection on the member’s website under the “resources” tab at This is where a new video will be posted each month, and we’ll also endeavor to announce them here at Inside United: Realtime.

Victor Kubik, the first presenter in this new series, gives an inspiring report about the United Church of God in south-central and southern Africa. Below is the video from this past Monday morning:

Please feel free to download this and future presentations to get a monthly update on the work being done by various departments in the Church to preach the gospel and prepare a people.

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services

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