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2012: Will the World End?

September 1, 2011

May-June Good News: Will the World End in 2012?

The September-October Good News has been printed and should be in your mailbox shortly. The cover theme addresses a topic that has received a lot of attention in the last year—which is self-styled prophets proclaiming the end of the world in the year 2012.

Several months ago Harold Camping drew a lot of attention with his billboards and full-page newspaper ads proclaiming the end of the world on May 21. He left behind thousands of disillusioned followers when his prophecies failed to come to pass.

In recent years we’ve seen a wave of books proposing that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in December 2012. A huge big-budget movie released last year, 2012, also built on this theme.

Obviously mankind should be concerned about where the world is headed, particularly in light of recent and ongoing news events of danger and turmoil in so many places. But how can we sort it all out? Is there a way to really understand the future?

We are blessed to know the answers, to know that God reveals what the future holds for us and all of mankind. He reveals that future in two ways—in broad outline through His Holy Days, and in more specific detail through the prophecies recorded in His Word, the Bible.

This next issue of The Good News shows, through the meaning and fulfillment of several of God’s Holy Days, that the world faces a near-term future of great concern, but beyond that lies a world of great hope! This, of course, ties in directly with the Holy Days we will soon be celebrating in congregations and at Feast sites all over the world, giving great hope to all who understand and keep them.

These Holy Days remind us of our dedication to the good news of the coming Kingdom of God and our determination to make it possible to share these truths with as many as we can reach with our message of hope. We hope you’ll join us in praying that many others will have their eyes opened and to see both the seriousness of the times in which we find ourselves and the great hope that lies beyond them.

Scott Ashley—Managing editor, The Good News

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  1. This is an excellent GN! Full of hope as well as scope. Thankyou.

    Comment by Mavis | September 2, 2011 | Reply

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