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God’s Sabbath Rest

August 24, 2011

It never ends, does it? Waking up at the crack of dawn, working longer hours, running errands, keeping up with chores, rarely taking time to slow down.

Thankfully, God already gave us the answer to the never-ending cycle of stress: the Sabbath. God’s instruction to keep a weekly rest was more than just an instruction—it’s for your benefit and it can be a welcome break from your hectic life. Watch this video produced by our United Church of God Media and Communications Services staff and see if it seems familiar.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

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  1. I’m so very grateful for the Sabbath! Great video!

    Comment by Peggy Moss | August 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. Initially the English/Australian accent set up a temporary obstacle which was overcome a moment later into the video. The overall presentation and message was good and the video grabbed my attention after the first moment or two. The transition into talking about God’s Sabbath was a bit abrupt and could have been smoother without any loss of interest. I would have liked to see him pick up both the Sabbath booklet and his Bible which would create a greater emphasis on the subject.

    In today’s work-a-day world, more than ever, the events and the subject’s reactions create good empathy. One can feel his frustration in the hectic schedule. Hope it is successful.

    Comment by Larry Hardison | August 24, 2011 | Reply

  3. Monday thru Friday I am literally sucked into my work. Even 2 15-minute breaks and a lunch hour pull me in, make me think I’ll work thru the break, I need to finish this. maybe work thru the lunch hour, I have so much to do. Friday at 5pm, I find myself thinking, “I have to come in this weekend to finish this stuff.” Where does it ever stop? Friday evening, when the sun goes down, God gives me 24 peaceful, restful hours, to think about him all day, to read his word all day, be with his people all day if I want to. Everything else will wait. Thank you, Father, for considering us and giving us freedom. The truth will set you free.

    Comment by Jody Adams | August 27, 2011 | Reply

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