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Letter from Dennis Luker

August 15, 2011

Greetings Dear Brethren,

Many exciting things are taking place here at the home office this week!

On Sunday we held an orientation picnic for the Ambassador Bible Center (ABC) incoming class of 2011-12 in the dining area and outdoor patio behind the home office. It was followed by an orientation on Monday and classes beginning bright and early on Tuesday morning. It’s always encouraging to see the excitement and enthusiasm of these young adults who are eager to dig into the Bible and learn more about God’s way of life!

We’re also pleased to see that, in spite of the recent troubles, this year’s class is substantially larger than last year’s and that it includes several international students who are coming here for Bible training that they can take back to their countries and share with others there. A total of 35 students are enrolled, of whom three are from other nations, including the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia.

We’re also glad to see how well our several new instructors, longtime pastors Frank McCrady, Randy Stiver and Steve Myers, are fitting in. Each has a special love for and rapport with young adults, and it shows in their classes.

This week we also have other guests in town. Darris McNeely and Gary Petty are joining Mr. Myers and members of our media staff for the planning and recording of several more Beyond Today television programs.

We hear an increasing number of comments from members about the effectiveness and professionalism of the programs, and we’re grateful that doors recently opened for us to reach new people with better times and stations in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

We very much appreciate your prayers for the continuing success of our television programs and other media efforts. Since we started airing Beyond Today on nationwide cable on WGN America last summer, we’ve received more than 48,000 responses requesting a subscription to The Good News magazine and one or more of our booklets.

Speaking of booklets, this week we’re mailing our latest booklet, Is God a Trinity? to our several thousand member households and shipping them to our international offices to be distributed to members around the world.

Those of us who realize the fallacy of the Trinity doctrine rightfully find it hard to understand why so many people believe in this deceptive teaching. You’ll be surprised at the quotes in the booklet from theologians and others who firmly believe that the Trinity is a “litmus test” for determining who is and isn’t a Christian, as they would define the term.

At the same time, many theologians and religious scholars candidly admit that the Trinity is a “divine mystery,” incomprehensible to limited human minds. One of the most amazing quotes you’ll find in the booklet, taken from a book authored by a seminary professor and an international missionary, is this: “He who would try to understand the Trinity fully will lose his mind. But he who would deny the Trinity will lose his soul.”

This aptly demonstrates what a bizarre hold this confusing doctrine has on the minds of so many millions of people!

In this booklet you’ll learn the equally strange story of how this doctrine came to be one of the foundational teachings of this world’s Christianity—developed over several centuries after the biblical writers had passed from the scene! You’ll also find many quotes from Bible resources, religious scholars and historians who openly acknowledge that the Trinity as taught today is simply not found in Scripture, but was developed and accepted long after the Bible was written.

And of course, the booklet thoroughly explains how God is revealed in the Bible—as God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son, forming a divine family into which those whom the Father has called and granted His Holy Spirit have the opportunity to enter. It’s a wonderful future almost beyond our comprehension, and one that is obscured by the deceptiveness of the Trinity doctrine.

This week’s activities at the home office—the beginning of a new ABC year, the production of new Beyond Today programs and the mailing of this new booklet (our 34th)—again show our commitment to our founding determination to preach the gospel and prepare a people, sharing the wonderful truths our Creator has revealed to us with a world in desperate need of the hope that lies within us.

As we approach the autumn Holy Days, now only six weeks away, let us always be thankful for the wonderful truth we have been given and the awesome privilege it is to be a tool in God’s hands to share these things with the world.

We deeply appreciate your faithfulness and prayers that make all of this possible.

In Christ’s service,

Dennis Luker

PS—Don’t forget to pray for the success of the Kingdom of God Bible Seminars coming up beginning September 10. We’re now up to more than 150 congregations that will be hosting them, not just in the United States but in several international areas as well. We’re seeing new people sign up daily to attend! To stay on top of the latest developments, sign up for regular updates at by entering your e-mail address at the right side of the page.

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  1. Lovely to hear so many new and interesting things happening with UCG and especially the young ones who are being inspired by God’s Word.

    Thank you for the new book too as i cannot put my head around what the Trinity is supposed to mean!

    What i really would like to see is a book on healing as so many people in the UCG are heading in the wrong direction and starting to use medicines and listening to Medical advice that is counter productive to their health when God has provided for us the Healing in both prayer and natural healing herbs etc.

    I have only been affiliated with UCG 3 years and appreciate what you have to offer us all but would like a response to my request.

    Comment by Jannette Naiken | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thank you for keeping us posted on all the new happenings in the Church. We appreciate having contact with the Home Office.


    Comment by Beth Williams | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  3. Our Father and His Son are with us and will be a lamp unto our feet and will also be our eyes enabling us to retain and grow in our “First Love” and to catch the full vision and reality of the soon coming kingdom of God and conveying, with a sense of urgency, to the world, that vision and reality. Continue to rely and trust in the Son of man – He is leading us. Keep up the great work of our Abba.

    Comment by dwight stewart | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  4. 1/ Will you be addressing Unitarianism too?
    2/ I hope we do not fall into using the trinity [defined in so many different ways!] as a litmus test too–in the opposite way.

    “Then Job answered the Lord and said, ‘I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of yours can be withheld from You. You asked, Who is this who hides counsel without knowledge? Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.'”

    Comment by Martha McQueen | August 17, 2011 | Reply

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