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August 11, 2011

Team Arrives on the Ground in Lusaka

U.S.A. Youth Corps Team from left: Lewis VanAusdle, Lena VanAusdle, Marc Eddington and Jim Tuck.

This past Monday, August 8, four representatives of the United Church of God Youth Corps traveled to Zambia for the purpose of teaching classes for the brethren. Jim Tuck, pastor of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, congregations, conducted leadership training. Lena VanAusdle, from Cincinnati, Ohio, taught English and was assisted by her husband, Lewis, and Marc Eddington, also of Cincinnati, Ohio.

They were greeted at the Lusaka Airport with an enthusiastic welcome by Zambian pastor Wilson Nkhoma and his wife Dorothy, Major and Felicia Talama, Anderson and Benadety Mwanza, and Aaron Mwale.

A short 40-minute drive found them settled into Chongwe River Lodge in Chongwe, where the four-day program was slated to take place. Dinner was served at 7:30 p.m. with members from the Copper Belt and Lusaka arriving in the new UCG bus. Members from Malawi were already settled at the lodge. The friendliness of the brethren was evident as they, one by one, came up and introduced themselves to the Youth Corps group.

The Zambian welcome group and the Youth Corp team at the Lusaka International Airport.

Tuesday morning the program got off to an early start with all participants gathering for breakfast at 8 a.m. This was followed by fellowship and then a 15-20 minute “compass check,” or short message, designed to focus our thoughts for the day on spiritual matters. The same routine is being followed each morning. To date, the topics for compass check have included prayer and the importance of “planting seeds.”

The English class got off to a spectacular start, with 17 participants—not including the babies and little ones in attendance with their mothers. The goal of the class is to improve the member’s grasp of English, particularly vocabulary unique to the Bible. Utilizing some of the hymns from our UCG hymnal, vocabulary words were chosen. The Zambian brethren are musically inclined, making the choice of music an excellent tool for memorization. Joyce, a member of the English class gleamed: “The classes are good. I am learning a lot and want to continue in English.”

Jim Tuck teaches one of the leadership classes.

The Leadership Training Classes have been well attended with 21 involved in the four-day program. Each day’s presentation is divided into three parts with short breaks in-between. Subjects include; “No Room for Pride and Vanity,” “Why is There Need for Leadership?,” “Character Development Is What It’s All About,” “Looking for the Heart of a Servant” and more. Each day a session is held on answering difficult scriptures as well. Some classes deal with public speaking, song leading and sundry other topics.

Onesimus Kalenga says, “It’s great, I have learned a lot of things, one thing I’ve liked about this program, we are doing it not only for leadership purposes, but also conversional purposes, and this is the most important part. We must concentrate on spiritual matters, and lead people to Jesus Christ. We will be leaders when Jesus Christ comes, and we must be leaders now.”

The Leadership class poses for a group photograph.

It was thought that there would not be enough interest or computers available to warrant a class, but at the last minute, four computers were gathered and Marc Eddington, standing in the gap, prepared lessons for a beginning and an intermediate class on computers. The lessons have been well received and will continue throughout the four-day program.

This Sabbath we look forward to meeting many of the brethren from Lusaka and the surrounding area who were not able to participate in the program.

Jim Tuck and Lena VanAusdle

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  1. This is wonderful and I know how much the brethren appreciate it. Thank you for your service.

    Comment by Deborah | August 12, 2011 | Reply

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