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Ken Murray: Update From Sri Lanka

August 9, 2011

Good News Meetings an Inspiring Success

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA—It’s Tuesday morning now, after our first Monday night “Good News Meeting” at the Galadari Hotel here in Colombo, Sri Lanka—which was a great success thanks to God’s blessing.

The meeting began at 6:30 p.m. and we had 96 people from our Good News readership in attendance (including 17 of our UCG members), and our audience kept asking questions after my 50-minute address until 9 p.m. After the meeting I was surrounded by individuals thanking us and asking many questions until after 10 p.m.

So many of them told me and our other Sri Lankan brethren that they can hardly wait to come again tomorrow night to hear more information about end-time prophecies and how to prepare for Jesus Christ’s return to establish God’s Government on this earth.

Sri Lanka

Quite a few of the attendees are leading people in Sri Lanka and a few of them want me to go to their churches and groups to teach their people about the “true God” of the Bible and God’s plan of salvation for all of mankind.

We had a cross-section mixture of Sri Lankan society, with attendees from Budhist, Catholic, Hindu, Moslem, and Evangelical viewpoints—many who moved from the back to the edge of their chairs, being so intent on hearing our message as it progressed.

Second “Good News Meeting”

It is now just 10 hours before we have our second “Good News Meeting” tonight (Tuesday, August 9), building upon the foundation of our first meeting. We will be covering in more depth the major end-time prophecies leading up to Jesus Christ’s return and establishment of God’s Government on this earth and how we can prepare.

Visiting our Good News Readers

The brethren and myself feel that God is beginning to move our readership here in Sri Lanka and open amazing doors. Because I was prevented from going into India, I have been able to spend over a week here continually visiting our Good News readers, especially those who said they would love to come to our two meetings but couldn’t come because of distance or lack of resources. Hence, I have been able to travel with some of our accompanying brethren to cities such as Mannar (seven hours north), Kandy (three hours east), Kalutura (two hours south), Negombo and other places—visiting many people who are keen to learn God’s truth.

I went to St. Lawrence Catholic Church here in Colombo to visit one of our GN readers and he introduced me to his priest, Bob Rodrigo, who is the main priest in that major church in Colombo. As I entered Mr. Rodrigo’s office I noticed a small stack of well-worn Good News magazines on his desk. He smiled at me and said that he was so pleased to meet me. In our discussion he said that he loves the Good News magazine and uses our biblical in-depth information in his sermons. Also, he gives our magazine to other priests who also value and use the information in their messages as well.

Three hours from Colombo, Jerome Pereira (a member in UCG) and I visited a young married couple at Kandy, who serve and teach in the Kandy City Mission. They told us how they use our booklet on Marriage and Family in counseling people to have happier marriages.

Left to Right: Ken Murray, Darshi and Yohan Krishnakumar, and Jerome Pereira

Seven hours north of Colombo, at Mannar on the Northwest coast, we visited an elderly couple who had told me they could not make it to our meetings. They also invited a leading town council leader, their daughter who is a much loved doctor in Mannar, and other notable people—six in all—along with four of my fellow travelling brethren: Frank, Tina, Jerome and Annette. We had a really lively talk with them as they sat on the edge of their seats listening to Scripture about the coming of Jesus and God’s plan of salvation for them and all mankind. I was able to anoint his wife for a serious avian virus that had left he disabled in a wheel chair.

The Good News Gets Through

Two months previously a Mr. Jesuthason had e-mailed me to tell me he wasn’t getting his Good News magazines, so I contacted Alec Surratt in our home office correspondence section and he personally made sure that he was on the mailing list. However, when we first arrived to Mr. Jesuthason’s home in Mannar, I asked him if he had received his GN in the mail yet and I was surprised to hear that he hadn’t. Anyway, just as we had finished our visit and were having warm hugs with them all, who should turn up to the house but the postman. And guess what? The postman handed me Mr. Jesuthason’s envelope with the GN as mailed to him from our Belgium mailing contractor. What a pleasure is was to be able to hand him his magazine personally in front of his wife and daughter and other invited friends. Needless to say, they said they were all going to request their own subscription to The Good News.

Thoughout my stay I have been able to begin counseling four people for baptism. At Sabbath services we had an attendance of 21 members including myself at our new meeting room at Sasakawa Hall, Colombo.

Kandy, Sri Lanka, Botanical Gardens (courtesy McKay Savage, Wikimedia Commons)

On Sunday a small evangelical church pastor near Kalutura (two hours south), who is a GN subscriber, invited me to speak about God’s plan of salvation for all mankind to his more than 30 members. They received the message very keenly as it was translated by two interpreters standing beside me into Singhala and Tamil languages. At the end of the 45-minute message they asked me to pray for them so we all kneeled together in a big huddle as I asked God’s blessing upon them, to call them and to guide them through the gift of repentance and baptism to receive God’s Holy Spirit and to begin their spiritual journey of conversion to the mind and conduct of Jesus Christ. Their pastor has since travelled all the way up to Colombo to hear last night’s Good News Meeting message, as well as telling me after our meeting that he is keen to come again, tonight.

There are way too many other amazing and wonderful things that God is doing here for me to be able to effectively tell you about. I feel overwhelmed by how God is opening the minds of people and removing the veil of philosophical confusion.

Will try to keep you informed.

Ken Murray—UCG Minister—Australia, India, Sri Lanka

Ken Murray

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  1. Thank you brethren for your information and may God continue to guide and lead you in His Way to help others understand the inspiring and wonderful plan of salvation for all mankind. God bless you all and the work you are doing.

    Comment by Ramon Soto | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. Wow! It’s like reading the book of Acts and seeing God use a modern-day Paul! Can’t go to India? Okay, we’ll go to Sri Lanka and see God work through the unforseen opportunity.

    Comment by Susan Durnil | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. amazing!!! God is still working and we are here to see the fruit of his work. very inspiring thank you for sharing

    Comment by gerald vera | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. This reminded me of the book of Acts too. Thank you for this inspiring and exciting account of God’s Work. I hope we can see people moving to the edge of their seats in the USA when we have the seminars in Sept.

    Comment by Beth Williams | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  5. I just got home from work and read your amazing post. It is so exciting, it made tears in my eyes to hear how God intervened in your journey to India so you were able to do this mighty work in Sri Lanka. So inspriational thank you so much for keeping us informed of God’s work and great blessings. I too, thought of Acts when I read this.

    Comment by Bonnie Houchin | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing such inspiring and exciting news! May the rest of your trip be as successful.

    Comment by Gayle Hoefekr | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  7. The door is opening wider and wider! This is very exciting ‘Goood News’! We should all be encouraged greatly by how Christ is tearing the ‘Veil’ off peoples’ minds so that they can finally know and see GOD. How awesome!
    This is incredibly exciting! 🙂

    Comment by David Alan Jutson | August 9, 2011 | Reply

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