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UPDATE: Kingdom of God Bible Seminars

July 29, 2011

We are very pleased with the ongoing preparation for our September launch of the Kingdom of God Bible Seminars. We have 161 congregations hosting the live event. These are primarily in the United States, but also in countries around the world that include Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, New Zealand and the Philippines. You can view them at

Presently, about 600 participants have registered online to attend these important lectures. This may not include those who decide to show up without registering, and some registrations include more than one person. We did not track multiple guests in the first week of signups, but we do now. For example, one person in New Orleans signed up to bring 8 people with him.

EXPECTATIONS: With more than six weeks until the September 10 launch, we expect our attendee list to exceed 1,500. The seminars are being advertised in the Good News magazine, World News and Prophecy magazine, on our website, on Beyond Today television, and in literature request mailings. Some areas are also planning to mail personal invitations to Good Newsmagazine readers.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Seminar Location

At this stage our need is for prayers from our brethren that God will guide those whom He wills to note what we are doing, register to attend, and want to become more involved in the Work we are involved with.

An important article will run in the August issue of United News that will help our brethren understand more about the purpose of the event. These seminars will add a very important element to our gospel effort and our job to make disciples. We have a very good foundation of printed literature, several magazines, more than 30 booklets, a high-quality television program, a fantastic website, online advertising, print advertising, member involvement, and now the important element of one-on-one contact with our congregations. These public lectures add a very important piece to our media and proclamations efforts.

Below is a listing of registration figures for the top 10 cities so far. They are growing each day:

  • Los Angeles – 15
  • Philadelphia – 14
  • San Antonio – 14
  • Denver -13
  • Little Rock – 13
  • Columbus, OH – 11
  • San Diego – 10
  • Columbia, SC – 10
  • Peoria, IL – 10
  • St. Louis – 10

San Antonio, Texas, Seminar Location

Those ministers who are responsible for each location are able to log into their account and then go to to see their registration listing.

IMPORTANT: Just this week, the administration and Council of Elders decided to switch from three 45-minute lectures in the seminar schedule, to two 50- to 55-minute lectures. The material from all three previous lectures is being condensed into two presentations by Ministerial and Member Services. Victor Kubik has already provided the link to these revised outlines to the UCG ministry.

So, the current format for the day now looks like this:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Lecture 1 (50-55 minutes)
  • Break for complimentary coffee and tea (10 minutes)
  • Lecture 2 (50-55 minutes)
  • Closing Prayer
  • Fellowship time and opportunity to meet out guests (with complimentary finger foods, snacks, coffee, tea)

Please continue to prepare for this important live event. Most congregations are hosting on September 10, but a few are having theirs on September 17 or September 24. A couple of locations are a bit later than that. Please make this project a part of your prayer list, that our humble efforts to do our part to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom will be effective and accomplish what our Father wills.

Peter Eddington—Media and Communications Services

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  1. Will they be assured that there will not be an altar call or a offering basket passed around?
    I went to a funeral of a different denomination; and they had a plea at the end of it.
    Which I was not expecting, nor was I comfortable with.

    We know that there won’t be an altar call or an offering basket with the KOG seminars, but new folks wouldn’t know.

    Thanks for sharing the tally with us.

    Comment by Jeannette | July 29, 2011 | Reply

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