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UCG’s Latest Booklet Takes Trinity to Task

July 26, 2011

The doctrine of the Trinity is one of mainstream Christianity’s most revered and widely held doctrines. But is it true? The latest booklet published by the United Church of God—Is God a Trinity?addresses that doctrine head on.

The booklet, the 34th produced by the United Church of God, examines this teaching that many churches admit is confusing and incomprehensible even as they make it a litmus test to define who is and isn’t a Christian.

As one astonishing quote (from a book by two theologians) puts it: “The mind of man cannot fully understand the mystery of the Trinity. He who has tried to understand the mystery fully will lose his mind; but he who would deny the Trinity will lose his soul”!

This 88-page booklet covers the long and involved story of how the Trinity doctrine came to be the accepted belief of the world’s Christianity. As you’ll see from numerous quotes in the booklet, many scholars, theologians and Bible resources openly admit that the Trinity doctrine isn’t found in the Bible, acknowledging that it came along officially in several stages in the 300s A.D.—centuries after the last books of the Bible were written!

The booklet documents that, as one historian states, “Nearly every nation of antiquity possessed a similar doctrine” and “All the ancient nations believed in the Trinity” many centuries before Christianity.

As readers will learn, these ancient beliefs reemerged in the early centuries after the apostles had passed from the scene and became a core doctrine of a competing church deeply compromised by its accommodation with paganism.

The Trinity was never part of the teaching of the true Church, but came about as later theologians debated the nature of God the Father and Jesus Christ in two major church councils—at Nicaea in A.D. 325 and Constantinople in 381. The Trinity doctrine as generally understood today was adopted at the latter council, and other views—including the true understanding of the nature of God—were denounced as heresy, and those holding other views rigorously persecuted.

Chapter titles of the booklet include “Is the Trinity Biblical?” “The Surprising Origins of the Trinity Doctrine,” “How Is God Revealed in the Bible?” “How Is God One?” “Is the Holy Spirit a Person?” “The Holy Spirit—God’s Transforming Power” and “God’s Purpose for You.”

The booklet describes how the Trinity doctrine insidiously masks one of the Bible’s greatest truths—that man and women, created in God’s image, have the awesome destiny to eventually become part of the very family of God, and that God is a family into which others will be born rather than a closed Trinity.

The booklet will be printed and mailed in early August. United Church of God members do NOT need to request a copy; it will be mailed automatically to all member households on file.

It is now available online in HTML format, PDF format, .epub format and .mobi format.

Scott Ashley—Managing Editor, Booklets

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  1. My most sincere congratulations on this Booklet. I’ll be waiting for my copy. Thank you very much. Now a question: Is the United Church of God I.A. planning in the near future to print a Booklet about Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, related to her “divinity”? I think that there are many that believe that she is in heaven, specially the followers of mainstream Christianity even if the Bible clearly states by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself that no one has gone into heaven but Himself only. Thank you again. Ramon Soto

    Comment by Ramon Soto | July 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. thank you for putting out this booklet. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

    Comment by Karin Halvorson | July 26, 2011 | Reply

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