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Update on Portuguese Work

June 9, 2011

From Jorge de Campos – Portuguese Report 

We are pleased to report that we have had a steady increase in demand for Portuguese booklets over the last few months. In fact, we have had to reprint seven different booklets ahead of budget and in greater quantities than initially expected, and will have to reprint another three more booklet titles over the next week or two.

Currently, in the Portuguese language, we have 11 booklets, 3 lessons of the Bible Study Course and a regular Good News supplement which has had an increasing print run from month to month.

The booklets that seem to be most requested are the basic doctrinal booklets. The ones with most demand are:

Others, also in demand, include such booklets as:

  • The Fundamental Beliefs
  • Jesus Christ – the True Story
  • Transforming Your Life

We would like to ask you to continue praying that God may continue to bless our efforts of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the Portuguese-speaking people around the world, and that He may add laborers as He sees fit. The bulk of the requests have been from Brazil.

If you would like to see the Portuguese website please visit and select the Information tab or go directly to We thank God for this increase.

There has also been an increase of e-mail from Brazil with specific queries, and we even had one person phone from Portugal asking for information about local services in Lisbon.

Jorge de Campos—Portuguese language coordinator

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  1. May God bless the Portuguese work may it grow and abound.

    Comment by Alvah Pyle | June 9, 2011 | Reply

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