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ABC Now Accepting For Next Year

February 18, 2011

First Four Students Accepted for 2011-2012 Year

This week we were pleased to accept four new Ambassador Bible Center students for the next school year.

We now have 22 students in this year’s ABC class. One just arrived from Colombia and is busily attending his second week of classes. He speaks and writes English in addition to his native language of Spanish. We are pleased to have him join us for the second semester.

The meal plan that was added this year has been a huge success, with the meals being delicious and nutritious. We are pleased to have Connie Sipes as Food Services Manager, assisted by two students—Evan Anderson and Emily Hirst.

Frank McCrady has finished his first session of Gospels 2, and the students seemed to enjoy him as much as he enjoyed being with and teaching them. He has a few more days of scheduled class before he concludes the Gospels. Tony Wasilkoff, from Canada, is on loan for this week to continue teaching the Pentateuch 2 class.

The ABC Chorale has just completed its first full performance for the year in front of the Dayton, Ohio, congregation. I’ve heard that this was the best “debut” presentation of the chorale. Mr. Kenneth Shoemaker is the director and works tirelessly, along with the students, to produce music that inspires the brethren and glorifies God. We’re grateful for the efforts of all the students and Mr. Shoemaker.

We are very pleased with the progress that’s being made in this second semester. Currently, the students are meeting regularly to plan for the annual Charity Auction in May. There is much to do in soliciting items for the auction.

We appreciate the diligent efforts of all our students to learn the Word of God and, more importantly, to practice the teachings of that Word. We encourage potential students for the 2011-2012 year to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Gary Antion—ABC coordinator

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  1. Yes I was just talking with Ken Shoemaker today. I was so inspired by his story that I thought this would be a great place and time to share it with you.

    He wanted so badly to attend Ambassador College. He sent in an application several times only to be rejected. Well his opportunity came years later.

    Ken was able to attend the very first ABC Class, 2000. It was then that he started directing the ABC choir. That was another one of his dreams. He wanted to be able to direct a church Choir. Wow did God ever bless him!

    Not only did God give him his dream to attend ABC but to put his talent to use in putting together an awesome ABC choir.

    Each year Kenny starts from scratch with brand new ABC students for the ABC choir. And we are always amazed at what he accomplishes.

    Kenny Shoemaker is one of those examples of not giving up even when he was rejected over and over again for Ambassador College. God is using him in a very special way.

    Thanks Kenny for all your sacrifice! You have been an inspiration to us all!

    Comment by Janet Treadway | February 18, 2011 | Reply

  2. I have been downloading the ABC classes to listen to in the car. When I returned to the site today I noticed many classes have been deleted and changed. Why? I don’t remember reading anything about the site being updated.

    Comment by Charlene | February 25, 2011 | Reply

  3. Dear Mr. Gary Antion,

    Where is ABC located?
    What is its curriculum (list of courses offered)

    Happy Sabbath,
    Jean-Paul HELDT

    Comment by John | February 26, 2011 | Reply

    • Dear Jean-Paul,

      You asked where ABC was. It is located in Milford, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. We have a catalog which contains the classes we teach at ABC. If you’re interested in one, please send me your address at my email adddress or check it out at

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Gary Antion, ABC Coordinator

      Comment by Gary Antion | March 7, 2011 | Reply

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