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ABC Hosts Super Party

February 14, 2011

Ambassador Bible Center Students Host Super Party

[The following ABC update from United’s education coordinator is excerpted from the Ministerial Newsletter of February 10, 2011]

Over 100 Ambassador Bible Center students, home office staff, young adults and guests attended the annual Super Party to watch the Super Bowl game. Although the Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers, there were no losers who attended the ABC event.

The food was delicious—hamburgers, foot-long all-beef hot dogs, various salads, side dishes and desserts. Popcorn was served to all during the game. The decorations were trimmed in the team colors and face painting was available to the ardent fans. Board games and fellowship was available to those who were not so interested in the football game.

The students did a “super” job of hosting at this major social event.

New Instructors Join Faculty

The ABC faculty has been bolstered by the addition of five new instructors.

Frank McCrady III has stepped in to teach the second half of the Gospels. The students are enjoying his friendliness and his talent for teaching. Anthony Wasilkoff has taken the second half of the Law and did a four-day stint as his first trip down south from Canada. He will return for two more weeks to complete his instruction on the Law. Randy Stiver has taken the Writings and is busily and energetically teaching the students four hours per week about this important section of the Scriptures. He has taught young adults for years in his pastorates. Aaron Dean has been teaching the Personal Family Finance class, which he taught at Ambassador College. Finally, Steve Myers has accepted the responsibility to teach the second half of Epistles of Paul. Judging by the enthusiasm exhibited by the students, they have accepted and appreciate the new instructors.

Upcoming later in this semester are Darris McNeely to teach the second half of Fundamental Beliefs, Melvin Rhodes to teach Daniel and prophetic sections of Ezekiel, and Don Ward to bring Fundamentals of Theology, completing the adjunct faculty participation for the year.

We are excited to have made this transition so seamlessly. Several of the students have sought baptismal counseling and enjoy sharing their lunches with the new faculty members.

We have our Charity Auction for Zimbabwe scheduled for the beginning of May, and we plan to sell chocolate-covered matzos as well as kosher marshmallows to raise extra funds for the auction.

Please continue to pray for the ongoing success of Ambassador Bible Center.

Gary Antion—ABC Coordinator

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