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Update: Beyond Today TV in Spanish

January 25, 2011

We have an exciting update regarding the blog filed on November 19, 2010, about Beyond Today being produced in Spanish. As you may recall, in a small family production studio in Santa Rosa del Sur, Colombia, our brethren are producing Spanish voiceovers for our Beyond Today TV program. The family production studio is called “Sierra Productions.”

It has been a blessing for members in Latin America to have access to the program in Spanish. Initial translations are done from English into Spanish by a member in the United States. And now, four months later, thanks to this group of members in Colombia, a number of Beyond Today TV programs can be seen and heard by anyone that speaks Spanish.

Back in June 2002, the non-profit organization LifeNets helped them set up this production studio, and through the many hours that these members have volunteered we can now reach more people than ever before—without a language barrier. However, with the editing system now almost ten years old, it was in great need of upgrading and replacement.

What is SIERRA PRODUCTIONS? It is a small enterprise created by the Sierra Brothers in association with CABLESAN TV which produces commercials and documentaries for radio and television. It focuses mainly on suburban or small-town population groups—and is now volunteering time to do Spanish voiceovers for Beyond Today television programming.

So, here is the latest update on this story: The United Church of God home office purchased new computer editing equipment for the project in December 2010 and shipped it to the studio in Colombia. But, to cap things off, LifeNets reimbursed United for the whole cost of purchase and shipping!

Much thanks goes to Victor Kubik and LifeNets for their generosity and willingness to help a small family business in need in a developing country—and all for a business such as this that is doing it’s part to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom in the Latin American world.

Thank you to all who helped with this equipment upgrade.

Peter Eddington—Producer, Beyond Today

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Update: Free Bible Study Guides

January 25, 2011

New Bible Study Guide Series Explores “Getting to Really Know God”

Our new Free Bible Study Guides series “Getting to Really Know God” examines what God reveals about Himself and some practical tips from the Bible about how to walk with God in a close relationship every day.

This six-lesson series explores questions such as:

  • What single word best defines God’s character?
  • Did the Father or the Son appear and speak to people in the Old Testament?
  • What is meant by God creating man “in His own image”?
  • What seven great lessons does the creation teach us?
  • What was the main reason for the life and death of Jesus Christ?
  • What is a major key to making your Bible study personally profitable?
  • What is the ultimate, most powerful way to stay close to God?

The lessons include links to many helpful related resources and provide practical “Apply Now” sections. The series was researched and written by Don Hooser, a United Church of God minister now living in Texas.

This new series on getting to know God is added to lessons covering a wide variety of topics, from answered prayer to the end times, from the armor of God to worry, and from gambling to keys to a happy marriage. There are now 60 lessons posted on the site.

We have also added a number of new short Bible studies to the “3 Bible Tips” section. And we plan to post two more new series of Free Bible Study Guides soon!

We always welcome your input. Thank you for your interest, and may God bless your study of His precious Bible!

Mike Bennett—Editorial content manager

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