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GN: The Signs of the Times

December 17, 2010

January-February Good News: Do You Understand the Signs of the Times?

The January-February issue of The Good News is now completed and off to the printer, to be printed and mailed in the next two weeks.

The key question on the cover and in the lead article is one we should all be asking ourselves: “Do You Understand the Signs of the Times?”

Everywhere we look it seems we see dangerous and growing problems. Economic issues dominate the headlines, with millions of people out of work and government debt skyrocketing. The ugly conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan continue. Terrorist threats unnerve us. Rogue states pursue their single-minded determination to get nuclear weapons by any means possible.

Where is it leading? Does Bible prophecy provide any answers?

The lead article and several other articles in this issue—“Jesus’ Warning to Watch—Just What Did He Mean?” “Debt Troubles Mount for Britain and America,” “An Overview of End-Time Prophecy,” “Is a Global Food Crisis Brewing?” and “Europe Braces for Terrorism”—address those crucial questions.

Our regular “World News and Trends” feature does our annual look at the state of the world looking ahead to the year 2011. Last but not least, our youth article for teen and young adult readers covers another key issue: “Is the Bible Still Relevant?”

We deeply appreciate the faithfulness and generosity of our members who make it possible to share these sobering but ultimately encouraging truths from God’s Word, and we hope you’ll take these articles to heart. You cannot afford to let yourself be distracted from what is taking place in the world around us in these dangerous times.

We also hope you’ll join us in praying that this seed that we’re privileged to have a part in sowing will fall on fertile ground so that others may have the opportunity to learn and share in these wonderful truths!

Scott Ashley—managing editor, The Good News

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  1. The comments regarding the Jan.-Feb 2011 issue of the GNM by Mr. Ashley is right on target with the time frame we live in. It truly is what those that support the publishing of this magazine can take comfort in, knowing that we are fulfilling the mission Christ laid upon our shoulders. We individually are Preaching the Gospel when we support UCG’s effort in doing so. Individually we don’t have to be the mouth, or mind that crys aloud, or that writes the articals. We hold up the arms of those given the task, which also makes us proclaimers of the Gospel along with them. I for one feel good about being blessed to be able to one of the “Proclaimers”. BBud

    Comment by BudEmmett Bailey | December 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Wholeheartedly concur with you.My sincere thanks to the entire Good News team for your labour of love. You are keeping the candle burning in the great commission tasked to us.
      Sincerely, Colin Naidoo ( UCG, South Africa)

      Comment by Collin Naidoo | December 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. This great work is why God called us. We are not called now for just our own salvation. It is vital to our individual and collective growth and survival to remember that.

    Let’s be happily about doing God’s work because it is a great privilege to be called today. We are ones of very, very, very few so privileged.

    Comment by Gary Jacques | December 18, 2010 | Reply

  3. Has anyone else noticed that the letters from readers posted in the magazine are now all gushing over our great literature? That’s all fine and good, but there’s very little substantive questioning and answering going on anymore. It’s become like an ad insert and has lost the appeal it once had in being the first page I would turn to with each new release.

    Comment by Reader | December 18, 2010 | Reply

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