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Print Advertising: 118 Million Creative Pieces in U.S. Households

December 10, 2010

United Church of God Print Advertising: 1999 to 2011

Through God’s help and guidance, the United Church of God has employed an extensive array of advertising vehicles to preach the gospel of God’s Kingdom. These have included Good News radio broadcasts, radio and television spot ads, Beyond Today television programs, numerous Internet promotions and a wide range of print advertising methods.

Print advertising has included the distribution of The Good News through waiting room and newsstand distribution, card pack inserts, space ads in newspapers and magazines, direct mail, package inserts, co-op mailers, take-one brochures and booklet and gift copy inserts in The Good News.

A variety of colorful brochures and inserts have been produced to attract, challenge and educate potential subscribers.

From 1999 through the end this fiscal year the Church will have placed 118,131,122 of these creative pieces in U.S. households (see statistical graphic). This twelve-year campaign has resulted in 954,562 subscribers (see statistical graphic) being added to the Good News files at an average cost of close to $3.50 each. Besides that, nearly the same number of booklets have been mailed to these new subscribers, many of whom subsequently requested additional pieces of literature.

We hope this short synopsis of recent print advertising efforts illustrates just how much God has done through one aspect of the United Church of God’s media efforts. With your continual support, encouragement and prayers and with God’s abundant blessings, His Work of spreading the good news of His coming Kingdom will continue successfully moving forward.

John LaBissoniere – Print Buying Manager

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