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Giant Card Presented to Council of Elders

December 6, 2010

Shortly before the Council of Elders meeting lunch break today, two members from the Cincinnati East congregation, Fred and Judy Fenner, presented a giant appreciation card to the Council of Elders on behalf of United Church of God members around the world. Melvin Rhodes, chairman, accepted the card from the Fenners and offered the Council’s thanks.


The Council of Elders, home office administration and the Fenners with the giant card of appreciation.

More than 700 people signed the card, which included several congregations signing it as a group as well. On the outside of the card it had “thank you” in many different languages. Inside the card the message said: “In these challenging times we appreciate the leadership you provide, and we encourage you to continue to serve God’s people conscientiously and effectively as Christ’s leads you!”

Dennis Luker and Melvin Rhodes read the comments and signatures.

Many people included their own personal, encouraging messages—like this one from a family in Santiago, Chile, written in Spanish: “’Onward Christian Soldiers.’ We are praying for you from the distance; so you can march on behalf of Christ and defend God’s truth. We send you all our support.”

Another person, a lady from the Dayton, Ohio, congregation, wrote: “Thank you for your service to the Church. We are all in this together and praying for all of you.” A man from Houston, Texas, signed:  “Thank you for all you do. Stay strong in these difficult times.” And, a member from the Netherlands penned: “Holland is behind you.”

This card was provided by Della Mazzi from California, the originator of the idea. It made it’s rounds “electronically” across the globe, gathering over 700 signatures in support of the Council. A group photo was taken, with the Council and administration flanking the card. The card will reside in the meeting room where the Council is deliberating so they can be reminded that the brethren are supporting them.

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