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Latest Good News Reader Survey Results

November 8, 2010

Good News reader surveys continue to show positive feedback

After printing and mailing the last three issues of The Good News, we prepared online readers’ surveys and sent an e-mail to GN readers asking them to participate. We reported earlier on the results from the first two surveys. Results of the third survey, which closed in September with 308 responses, were very similar. Once again results showed a very positive attitude toward the magazine (please see a sampling of comments at the end).

Following is a summary of the survey feedback:

  • 83% said they were satisfied with The Good News magazine; 16% were fairly satisfied; 0.3% said they were not very satisfied and none said they were not satisfied at all. Very similar percentages found it helpful or not helpful.
  • 57% rated the September-October issue excellent; 24% rated it above average; 19% rated it good and only 0.6% rated it below average or disappointing.
  • 83% of respondents had read the cover article on ”A World Held Captive.” This was also the most-read article in the issue. Even for the least-read article, 52% of respondents said they had read it.
  • 46% said they read each issue cover to cover; 40% said they read most articles; 13% said they read some articles and only 1% said they skim the magazine or don’t read it.
  • 82% of respondents had requested or downloaded one or more booklets and 80% had visited the Good News Web site in the last six months.
  • 75% took the time to write personal comments, which again were overwhelmingly positive and appreciative (see a sampling of comments at the end).
  • Respondents were 57% male and 43% female.
  • Age breakdown of respondents was 1% under 20; 5% 21-30; 9% 31-40; 25% 41-50; 28% 51-60; 24% 61-70; 8% 71-80 and 1% over 80.
  • 25% had subscribed less than one year; 27% had subscribed for 1 to 2 years; 15% had subscribed for 2 to 3 years; 28% had subscribed for more than 3 years and 5% read it online only (a large increase from the 2 percent figure in the previous survey).

The types of articles responders said they were “very interested” in were ranked as follows:

  1. Bible prophecy — 92%
  2. Bible history/background — 86%
  3. Bible doctrine — 83%
  4. Christian living —  77%
  5. World news analysis — 73%
  6. Practical help/guidance —  59%
  7. Family issues —  52%
  8. Social issues analysis — 56%
  9. Marriage —  48%
  10. Parenting/child-rearing — 36%
  11. Youth/teenagers — 31%

These all closely correspond to previous surveys.

For this survey we again asked readers to check their religious affiliation. Here is the ranked response to that question:

  1. Christian, unaffiliated — 20%
  2. Christian, other — 13%
  3. Church of God — 10%
  4. Pentecostal — 12%
  5. Baptist — 11%
  6. Catholic — 7%
  7. Lutheran — 4%
  8. Church of Christ — 3%
  9. Methodist — 3%
  10. Seventh-Day Adventist — 2%
  11. Anglican — 2%
  12. Apostolic — 2%
  13. Presbyterian — 2%
  14. Eastern Orthodox — 2%
  15. Messianic Jewish — 2%

Those with 1 percent or less response were Congregationalist, Episcopalian, Jewish, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, Muslim, Salvation Army and Unitarian. No Hindus or Buddhists responded. Curiously, 4% selected “Other religious affiliation not listed.”

These results were quite similar to the previous survey.

Overall conclusions based on this feedback:

  • The readers who responded to this survey are quite pleased with the magazine and find it valuable and helpful.
  • The large amount of the content they say they read indicates that we are giving them material they want to read and find interesting.
  • Our overall emphasis of explaining world events in light of Bible prophecy and discussing Bible doctrine and teachings is meeting these readers’ wants and interests.
  • The readers who responded to this survey utilize both print and Web-based efforts rather than one or the other, so we need to use both kinds of media to reach people.

What do our readers say? Here’s a brief sampling of messages left by those who took the survey:

  • “The Good News is the best publication out there. It has given me strength at times when I thought there was no hope or I was confused. Keep up the good work and keep spreading God’s true word.”
  • “I live in Germany and have enjoyed reading the Good News magazine . . . The writings show a clear sense of direction and calls sin, sin and its consequences. It hasn’t lost the goal of calling to repentance, bringing people to Christ, and preparing the world for the second coming and Millennium. One gains hope from your literature. Thank you!”
  • “I am a seed that fell among thorns. But your work and magazine inspires me to pray daily for the help I need to overcome. Thank you very much and may God always be with you.”
  • “I pray that someday I’m able to help fund your great work; the magazines are very much appreciated and the articles are so well written. God bless you all.”
  • “I love it very much. I always get answers for some of the questions I have been asking myself for some years now. May the Lord richly bless you. You are doing a great job.”
  • “I love and enjoy the Good News magazine. I cannot imagine being without this magazine and I look forward with great joy in receiving my magazine every time. It’s indeed very informative.”
  • “I enjoy many of your articles which you delve into much deeper than my traditional churches. I appreciate the deeper expectations. Though I do not agree with everything, it is almost always very thought provoking. I find myself more oft than not agreeing with your writings. Some issues I am still learning. Thanks so much for doing the good work and sharing the good news.”
  • “You guys are a great team, truly blessed and highly favoured. Keep up the good job!!!!!!!! Your articles and letters are always insightful. Good job!!!!!!!”
  • “Frankly speaking, I lack words to express the wonderful work you’re doing . . . Only God, and I mean only God, will reward you. Keep up the good work and don’t relent for a second.”
  • “I have always studied and researched the different denominations, but sadly their practices never jived with God’s Word. I have been very pleased with all your publications, as they strictly adhere to Bible principles. Thank you for all you do.”
  • “It is an awesome guiding, teaching, educating magazine. I love it cover to cover.”
  • “I have questioned the reality of Jesus Christ, but after reading your magazine it has me focused on the truth of our Lord, and has given me great insight! Thank you for such a wonderful magazine.”
  • “I am a member of UCG—I LOVE the inspiration I receive from this magazine. I keep every issue I’ve ever received; excellent source for personal Bible study!”

Scott Ashley—Managing editor, The Good News

November 8, 2010 - Posted by | Good News Magazine, Media and Communications |



    Comment by Alvah Pyle | November 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. I appreciate the report back on the recent “Good News” reader survey. However, I hope that you aren’t becoming more concerning with what people WANT to hear as opposed to what they NEED to hear. Thanks.

    Comment by Robert Worsham | November 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. The Good News is special to me. I truly appreciate all of the people who share the Truth in their articles. It’s like God has put His stamp of approval on every issue. I am so thrilled with the survey that shows how many people take it seriously.
    Sincerely, Barbara Scheper

    Comment by Barbara Scheper | November 8, 2010 | Reply

  4. glad you got such a positive response,I think you and the team have maintained a very high level with the Good News and have been very good to mix things up, but have some recurring themes at the same time, which with our message is to be expected. Good job and interesting report. We have some very talented writers and their efforts based on the report are appeciated by our readers.
    Paul Spenser

    Comment by paul spenser | November 8, 2010 | Reply

  5. oh, does this report get emailed to the reader email list?
    paul spenser

    Comment by paul spenser | November 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comments, Paul. And no, these are different lists. The GN list to which this survey is sent is different from the list sent these updates.

      Comment by Scott Ashley | November 16, 2010 | Reply

  6. Thank you for the survey information. Keep up the great work – it is our Father’s work and He will bless it as we remain humble and move forward with His and the Son of man’s faith in us – thank you.

    Comment by dwight stewart | November 8, 2010 | Reply

  7. Hi. Thanks for giving out these results. In the types of articles people were interested in, there was no mention of Creation/Evolution/Science articles. As one who puts GNs in stands I’ve noticed that issues featuring those subjects on the cover go almost as fast as the ones featuring prophecy. Also, political covers, especially American politics (outside of the USA anyway), move the slowest. Hope this is helpful. It’s a great magazine.

    Comment by Mavis Stucci | November 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for pointing that out. That was definitely an oversight on my part to leave out that category of article. We’ve seen the same thing you noticed, that articles on creation, evolution and proofs of God and the Bible are quite well received and appreciated.

      Thanks also for your efforts in putting the magazine out on stands!

      Comment by Scott Ashley | November 16, 2010 | Reply

  8. I’m very happy to know that the responses are very positive as a hole. May Almighty God continue blessing your hard work in preaching the Gospel and helping people have a better understanding of God word and how is the world viewed according to Bible prophecy. Congratulations.

    Comment by Ramon Soto | November 8, 2010 | Reply

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