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Nov-Dec 2010 Good News Magazine

October 23, 2010

The November-December issue of The Good News is now completed and off to the printer, to be printed and mailed in the next two weeks.

In these tough economic times, the theme of this issue is especially timely: “How Can You Manage Marriage Stress in Troubled Times?”

In recent days we’ve seen the headlines about the record number of Americans receiving food stamps and the 44 million Americans now living in poverty. The official unemployment rate stubbornly hovers near 10 percent, while the actual rate is much higher since so many have given up looking for work. Many others have had to settle for jobs that pay much less or had their hours or wages cut.

All this takes a terrible toll on families and relationships. Sadly, some couples can’t deal with the additional pressures and their relationships crumble into divorce. Will we use times of hardship to strengthen our marriages, or will we give in and let pressures drive us apart? You need the sound advice you’ll find in this issue!

Other articles discuss the purpose and importance of marriage, how following biblical laws could solve many of our economic problems, the growing threat to European stability from Muslim immigrants, the danger of letting ourselves (or our children) get swept up in celebrity culture, and the revealing origins of two upcoming holiday celebrations—Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For our teen and young adult readers in particular, our youth article for this issue focuses on life’s choices—written by a man whose poor choices led him to spending most of his life in prison.

We hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from this issue, and we deeply appreciate the faithfulness and generosity of our members who make it possible to share these wonderful truths straight out of God’s Word. As always, we hope you’ll join us in praying that this seed will fall on fertile ground and others will be blessed to learn these truths!

Scott Ashley—managing editor, The Good News

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  1. Scott didn’t you mean to put Halloween and Christmas
    instead of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Comment by Alvah Pyle | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  2. Halloween will be over when this hits our mailboxes – I imagine he meant what he said. Looking forward to the articles, Scott! Great job!

    Comment by Karen | October 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes, in this case it is Thanksgiving—quite an interesting article that many people will find surprising and encouraging! (And no, there’s not a problem with Thanksgiving!)

      Comment by Scott Ashley | November 16, 2010 | Reply

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