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Brethren Welcome to Participate in Good News Brochure Distribution Program

October 21, 2010

For the past several years brethren and congregations have participated in the Good News subscription brochure program as a means of helping preach the Gospel in their local areas. In 2009 members distributed nearly 20,000 brochures in restaurants, supermarkets, motels, hospital and clinic lobbies, hairdressers, senior centers, libraries, convenience stores and many other locations.

Distribution of bi-fold and tri-fold brochures has been a cost-effective means of introducing new readers to the Good News magazine and our booklets. Brochures cost less than 4 cents each to print and distribute. Over recent years, subscriber response has reached an excellent 3.7 percent at only $2.43 cost per response.

You are welcome to order a supply of brochures and displays for distribution in your area. Click on the attached graphics to see a larger sample of some of the topics being advertised. The brochure titles include:

  1. Why Does God Allow Suffering?
  2. Are We Living in the Time of the End?
  3. The Middle East in Bible Prophecy.
  4. Marriage & Family-The Missing Dimension.
  5. The Debt Trap.

Please contact John LaBissoniere at or call (423) 562-9400 or (888) 369-9940 for your supply of brochures and displays.

John LaBissoniere—Brochure Distribution Manager, Media and Communications Services

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