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10,000 Downloads from Apple’s iBookstore

October 15, 2010

UCG Literature Surpasses 10,000 downloads from Apple iBookstore

Last month we reported that UCG booklets are now available for download from the Apple iBookstore. So far 11,498 ebook copies of the Church’s literature have been downloaded to a reader’s iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This averages to more than 300 downloads a day in the past month!

The number of initial downloads has passed our expectations. It is really exciting to know our literature is being accessed on these newer mobile devices. This week three more booklets have been made available for download within the iBookstore: Is There Really a Devil?, Is the Bible True? and How to Understand the Bible. We will continue to add more literature to the iBookstore over the upcoming weeks and months.

The top five booklet downloads from the Apple iBookstore are as follows:

  1. Jesus Christ: The Real Story – 1,364 downloads
  2. The Book of Revelation Unveiled – 1,228 downloads
  3. What Happens After Death? – 1,022 downloads
  4. Why Does God Allow Suffering? – 941 downloads
  5. The Middle East in Bible Prophecy – 846 downloads

Aaron Booth—Internet Managing Editor

October 15, 2010 - Posted by | Good News Magazine, Media and Communications |


  1. That IS WONDERFUL news! Thank you for your work and information.

    Comment by Carolyn Prater | October 15, 2010 | Reply

  2. This is fantastic. Why don’t we say something about this in a monthly report from Home office?

    Comment by Ken Graham | October 15, 2010 | Reply

  3. Aaron, great idea on the part of you and our new media folks at the Home Office to use this avenue for sharing the booklets!

    It’s interesting to see what the top downloads are. People still look for help in times of need, and to understand what the future holds.

    Comment by Deborah Hanson | October 16, 2010 | Reply

  4. WOW!

    What a fantastic way to get Gods good message out there! What sort of Cost per Response is this?

    Is it possible to have Good News subscriptions happening this way as well?

    Thanks so much for the Statistics! It is so encouraging when we read about the work of the church – its trials and Successes!

    Keep Fighting on!

    Comment by Ranger Dave | October 17, 2010 | Reply

  5. Thanks for the comments! It really is exciting to see the number of downloads. Just checked the number of downloads this morning and it has jumped to 12,596!!! This opportunity using the Apple iBookstore app has not cost the Church anything. Just the time to format the booklets and submit them to the bookstore. Not sure about doing Good News subscriptions this way, but the latest GN is available for download within the ibookstore.

    Comment by Aaron Booth | October 18, 2010 | Reply

  6. Brilliant Idea someone had!!! Keep it up.

    Comment by Mary Coffman | October 29, 2010 | Reply

  7. […] been working on formatting our booklets for various e-book readers (tablets and mobile devices). As previously reported, the majority of the UCG booklets are available for download within the Apple iBookstore. Since […]

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