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Chairman and President Post More Detailed Explanations

September 10, 2010

President Luker and Chairman Rhodes have posted two new documents on the member’s Web site in the “Letters from the Chairman and President” section. These are additional explanations concerning the “Resolution to Rescind” that appeared on the May 2008 General Conference of Elders annual meeting ballot.

Letters from the chairman and president can be found under the “resources” tab on the home page of the member’s Web site.

Some of the material in these documents may not appear relevant, as they may address issues that you are not personally concerned about. But, if you’re one who has ongoing queries, these papers are to help you more clearly answer questions regarding these issues.

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  1. Thank You so much for sending this information out to the Members. It helps to know that nothing was done that shouldn’t have been . I hope that everyone can just accept that the Council has to make decisions that some may not like , but this is the way United was set up and that’s why most of us are here, besides the fact that we felt that God led us here . We support You and hope that All will give their support and get the work done.And , please, continue sending us the information , we will get it anyway and I think it would be best if it came from your mouths and not around the mulberry bush . Sincerely, Helen Williams

    Comment by Helen Williams | September 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have to clarify what I meant about the Mulberry Bush , I usually see the negative things on “other” sites, then thought, after I had said this ,they won’t put this on there , it is not what they want people to see. So, please forget that term. I do appreciate you’ll sending these to us. Sincerely , Helen Williams

    Comment by Helen Williams | September 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. It took time to read through these documents, but I very much appreciated the message from the Council members who authored the rescind resolution, and their articulation of the thought process and the intent behind their action.

    Please do note the second to last paragraph which includes a very inspiring point of view, and in fact ties in so well with the Treasurer’s recent article that reminded us how God can actually be actively involved in the way circumstance and situations “play out” without any of us even knowing it or recognizing it until much later and often long after the fact. I so much appreciate this spiritually based perspective rather than rhetoric and accusations of unethical behavior. Thank you!

    To quote from the section of the paper I am referencing: “…What can be said is that the passing of the resolution to rescind in 2008 enabled an unspent amount budgeted for the relocation to be used to avoid painful cuts in operations and personnel in the subsequent fiscal year. Did God see what we could not and saved us through the passage of both ballots?”

    WOW! Thanks to our great God for helping to see us through, in spite ourselves!

    Comment by Alayne | September 11, 2010 | Reply

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