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Best “Beyond Today” TV Week So Far

September 8, 2010

We are very pleased to report that the week of August 29 through September 4 produced our best Beyond Today television response so far. A total of 761 responses were tabulated from a mix of WGN America, Vision TV Canada, local cable-access stations, Web site requests and snail mail responses. Of these, 601 (79 percent) are directly attributed to our Sunday morning WGN America time slot.

The TV program that aired that week was titled: “God’s Holy Day Plan: Blueprint for Salvation.” It was presented by Darris McNeely, with discussion in the third segment by Gary Petty and Steve Myers. While emphasizing the need for keeping all of God’s Holy Days instead of the world’s holidays, the main focus was on the Feast of Trumpets and Jesus Christ’s return to this earth to set up His Father’s Kingdom.

It’s very encouraging to see results such as these to a core message about the Kingdom—and during the Holy Day season that directly pictures Jesus’ return.

More than 4,100 Beyond Today responses have been tabulated in less than two months, since July 11, when we began our Sunday  8:30 a.m. EDT time slot on WGN America.

Also, since adding our post office box mailing address to the program, we have begun to receive literature requests by mail, and some contain helpful donations to further the work of God.

Much thanks goes to our dedicated media team working very hard at the home office in Cincinnati. Please continue to beseech God to bless our honest efforts to preach the good news of His Kingdom.

Peter Eddington—Operation Manager, Media and Communications Services

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  1. It is good to see these responses coming in and I am glad that you are putting forth this effort to preach the Gospel!
    I hope it continues and increases.

    However, what is sad to me is that this was not done 15 years ago. I feel that UCG is way behind where they should be. LCG has been at this year after year and they are getting as many responses for one week as you have gotten since July. This shows they are way ahead when it comes to preaching the Gospel by this method.
    What do you think you need to do to catch up?

    Comment by Jerry Wright | September 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. Nicely prayed,thought out and presented for our learning experience. Thank you.

    Comment by Kathy S. | September 9, 2010 | Reply

  3. I truly feel that a broadcast television program is long overdue. I would be happy to hear when we are getting as many responses in one week as we used to get in an entire year on cable access.
    That said, we should never let ourselves think that being on national broadcast tv in the United States equals “preaching the gospel to all the world”. The US and Canada together are not even 400 million people.

    Comment by Lee Dolby | September 11, 2010 | Reply

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