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Aloha, ABC Class of 2011

August 27, 2010

The word ”aloha” can have two meanings—“hello” and “good-bye.” On Sunday afternoon, Aug. 22, “aloha” meant hello and welcome to Ambassador Bible Center to the class of 2011. Thanks to the imagination and creativity of Ina McLemore and her staff, our welcoming picnic for the new students became an aloha picnic with a Hawaiian luau. The event began at 1 p.m. with the ABC alumni hosting the new students with games intended to help everyone get to know one another. The events were well-planned and fun. Then it was time for an early dinner with a Hawaiian flare.

The meal consisted of smoked turkey Hawaiian hoagies, cubes of various tropical fruit and cheese on skewers, side salads, Hawaiian Punch drinks and tropical smoothies. The dining hall was transformed with the addition of a Polynesian hut (by covering a center table and umbrella with long strands of dried grass) and murals on the walls. All the students were invited to wear Hawaiian shirts to the event.

David Johnson selected Taylor and Erin Tootle to organize the alumni and the events. All told, about 80 students, alumni and faculty enjoyed the welcoming picnic.

The luau concluded at 6 p.m. Our gratitude goes to all who helped to make this aloha picnic a great success.

Monday morning, the students arrived for the orientation activities. These included talks from Ralph Levy, Ina McLemore, David Johnson, Chris Stewart, Gary Antion and Dennis Luker. The students were given a packet of information to keep, as well as an ABC calendar to help them stay informed of the year‘s activities. The presenters each explained their roles at ABC and how ABC may run smoothly and effectively.

Dennis Luker, Church president, addresses 2010-2011 students

Dennis Luker capped off the morning with a speech motivating the students to have a right attitude. He used the acronym ABC to mean Attitude Before Character. He read scriptures about attitude and concluded with a story about a man who was a quadriplegic and yet maintained a wonderful attitude about life. He urged the students to have an attitude of humility and yieldedness so that they might make the most of their ABC experience.

There was a break for lunch for the students and faculty, who were joined by the home office staff for finger desserts and fellowship.

Tours of the building were conducted by home office staff employee Janet Treadway and ABC coordinator Gary Antion. Ken Shoemaker, the ABC chorale director, conducted a brief meeting with those interested in the chorale.

The orientation ended at 4:20 p.m. with the students having a better understanding of Ambassador Bible Center. Special thanks go to Ina McLemore and to Kathy de Campos, ABC administrative assistant, for their efforts to make the entire weekend a success. Tuesday morning, classes began with Richard Thompson teaching Gospels!

The class of 2011 is now on the road for a successful nine months of studying the most important textbook in the world—the Holy Bible.

Please join us in praying for the success of our 12th year of ABC.

Gary Antion, ABC Coordinator

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  1. The Best! to teachers and students

    Comment by Alvah P yle | August 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. What a great start! This was exciting to read – may our Father’s love and settled peace rest upon the students and the faculty that much fruit may be born by the students in and out of the classrooms and that the faculty may glorify our Father and His Holy One as they humbly, but with zeal, lead the students into knowledge and understanding of the holy.

    Comment by dwight s. stewart | August 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. The acronym ABC “Attitude before Character” is Prerequisite to “Godly Servant Leadership”….YES!… Our local UCG Leadership Training program uses the book entitled “The 21 Traits of Leadership” by Maxwell. {I may not have the title correct?} The book is written by a Sunday preacher and has mostly good points and some major error. Godly Character will lead into all truth and Godly practice.#1 error mentioned as “Godly Leadership Traits” is the formation of teams to support views. Much like National Politics? A secure leader will surround himself with wise council much like President Abe Lincoln had that frequently disagreed with him. Insecure leadership loads the presidential cabinet with “Yes Men” which leads to becomming mezmorized with sound of your own wheels until reality. #2 The appointment of close friends obligates them. No one will get into the kingdom of Heaven on someones coat tails. “Attitude before Godly-Character” is something that often needs maintaince during a walk with Christ.If this trait were followed we would all know how to rightly divide the “Word of God” from what “They Say”…. whom ever in any age or printed letter are. ATTITUDE BEFORE CHARACTER” is everything!
    Jim on the Hill

    Comment by Jim Lapp | August 30, 2010 | Reply

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