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United News Congratulates 2010 HS Graduates

July 9, 2010

United News Congratulates 2010 High School Graduates

We may already be suffering heat exhaustion in the midst of a humid summer, but we cannot forget to acknowledge a very important event that recently happened in the lives of many of our loved ones. The United News devotes an entire section in the July issue to acknowledge the many accomplishments and exciting goals of our 2010 High School Graduates. Take a few moments and read about their scholastic and athletic honors, how they serve at church and in the community and what scriptures and mottos motivate them. They are quite an inspiring group of people!

In this issue you will also read a number of exciting news features about the work of God growing and extending its reach to the world. For instance, starting July 11 Beyond Today will be airing on Superstation WGN America at 8:30 a.m. (EST) every Sunday, reaching a potential audience of 75 million households. You can also read about the completion of UCG’s first Arabic booklet, The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, and plans to revamp the main Web site by early 2011.

We also introduce you to Dennis Luker, the new president of United Church of God, an International Association, and new Council member David Treybig, who is featured this month in the Profiles section on page 2.

David Johnson details the inspiring tour of Israel that 24 ministers and 19 ministers’ wives took in May. Photos from their trip will be posted to the new UCG Facebook fanpage, You can also find photos there from the European Young Adults’ Pentecost Weekend, where almost 30 young adults gathered at a campsite in Germany to establish bonds, renew friendships and encourage one another to continue living God’s way.

Read the final article by the 2009-2010 United Youth Corps–Jordan volunteers, in which Audry Bauer reflects on how the trip taught them the importance of representing God’s Kingdom throughout the world. Also, find out how one ladies’ group in Texas was able to raise money to fund the United Youth Corps project in Zambia this August. Perhaps it will trigger an idea for a future fundraising project for Good Works (

Colleen Winner, keynote speaker at the 2009 Twin Cities Women’s Conference, writes about the keys to winning the battle for peace in her From the Word article “Choosing Peace in an Out-of-Control World.” “All too often we can become convinced that something more has to take place for us to be satisfied… The truth is there will always be challenges to face. No life is without trials,” she writes. “Ultimate peace of mind comes from God.”

Get a preview of the July United News (in color) at by downloading the PDF version, and make sure to join the new Facebook fanpage to find links to articles, additional photos and other interactive features.

Elizabeth Cannon—Managing Editor, United News

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