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The German Question:

May 28, 2010

[Melvin Rhodes, senior writer for the Church’s publications and new chairman of the Council of Elders beginning July 1, filed this report on important developments in Europe.]

For a century and a half Europe has constantly been faced with “the German Question.”

Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck

In the 1860s, Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck asserted his country’s growing military might by forcing wars with the Austrian Empire and, a few years later, the French Empire. Prussia won both wars and consequently annexed the 39 independent states of the German Confederation under its own leader, Kaiser Wilhelm I.

At the time, some people could still remember when Germany was actually 360 independent countries prior to the Napoleonic Wars. Now, suddenly, it was united and the dominant power in Europe. Continuing its economic rise, by 1914 it was in a strong enough position to go to war with the British Empire—then the biggest and most powerful empire in the world—while at the same time fighting France and Russia on two fronts. Germany, together with its German speaking ally, Austria, lost.

The German Question continued to dominate Europe in the years following the war as the new Weimar Republic struggled with internal problems and uncertainties.

Twenty years after World War I, Germany was able to provoke another conflict, pursuing Adolf Hitler’s dream of a revived 1,000 year Reich, a successor to the Holy Roman Empire that had lasted for a millennium. Following that defeat, the German Question was still to dominate Europe as Germany was divided between East and West, with the Soviet Union controlling the East and the Allies the West.

In 1957 five other European countries tried to resolve the German Question by forming the EEC (European Economic Community), now the 27 nation EU (European Union). This was an attempt to control Germany, also a member, to ensure that never again would Europe go to war. In 1991, with the end of the Cold War, Germany was united again and once again the dominant European power. Some, including Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, opposed German reunification, remembering the lessons of history.

Back again

The German Question is back again. The Greek financial crisis, which has spread to other countries in the eurozone, could not be solved without a major contribution from Germany, the chief financier of the EU. Germany’s finances are in a better state than any other member nations’, the result of decades of fear of a return of hyperinflation that contributed to the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler.  As a result, the German constitution requires the country to balance its books, to live within its means. The result is that the nation is solvent, whereas many others, including the U.S. and the U.K., are really not.

So once again Germany is emerging as the dominant country in Europe. What will it do now?

Another way to ask that question is: How do we get from the 27 nation EU to the biblical “10 kings” that constitute the final revival of the Roman Empire (Rev 17:12-14)?

There has been a great deal of talk about the need for greater centralization in Europe—for all the countries to share one common fiscal policy—which would ensure nations like Greece cannot drag the others down again. If that happens, it cannot happen without Germany. Some other countries may pull out rather than lose their financial independence. What remains will be a solid hard core of countries (ten?) closely tied to Germany.

It’s a time of change in Europe. Even if the EU manages to resolve its current crisis, without a common fiscal policy there will be another crisis. The only solution is for the most committed members of the eurozone to  commit to a  tight fiscal union that would not allow over-spending, effectively embracing current  German fiscal policy.

Inevitably, Germany would be the leader….

Melvin Rhodes

Senior Writer—The Good News & World News and Prophecy

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  1. What a wonderful article. It clarifies a lot of what is going on today. Thank you so much.

    Comment by Dawn | May 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. Dear Mr. Rhodes,

    Thanks for keeping a close tab on what is going on in central Europe. As a councilor on the Council for the Swiss Abroad (, I keep a close eye on world affairs in general and Germany/EU in particular. There is a sentiment in Switzerland, which does not look favorably on the recent actions by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Even though we are not members of the EU nor participate in the EURO, the effort to save the EURO, by throwing a lifeline at the PIIGS, will cost Switzerland an estimated $5.6 billion ($750 for every Swiss and foreign national living in Switzerland, including children and seniors). There is a growing sentiment in Switzerland (direct democracy) to leave the IMF.

    Thanks again for providing your perspective on world affairs!


    Comment by David W. Morker | May 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. As for Germany the years of 1860-1870 were significient as the Kaiser united the many German states. As a result their was a mass migration to North America. The issue according to my grandfather was governmental corruption and to a lesser extent persecution of Lutherns.A gereration prior witnesed confiscation of land at the time when the Hessian mercineries in the American revolution.German soldiers had nothing to return to so their descendents moved to Vermillion, Ohio from places like Blankenheim in Hess Castile. This 10 nation bit might be fulfilled bigger than ever imagined.With every war in Europe is spreads out more and more.Also the EU does have an inner circle of 10 nations.
    As for the 10 kings to receive power with the beast, the EU or was it the Nazis had the world divided un into 10 trade zones.I did see on the history channel that Hitler had promised certain field marshals rulership over the Allied lands.We could have [or have already] a depotic king to wreck havoic with our military, ecconomy and national debt all due to National Sins.Our problems are Spiritual and not political.At this point we can’t migrate to excape as in 1863.We must hold onto the truth and not go anywhere with anyone until God speaks.The final temptation won’t be doctrinal. It will be whom you obey… God or the Devil.I believe God wants us to be a witness…rejecting the mark of the beast,not obeying/going with anyone.Germany certanly is being positioned by God to fulfill prophesy.I know and have met many Germans who want to live in peace and work ethic.We are all tired of war.Keep up the good work Mr. Rhodes and we all in Michigan know that you have joined the Rebels and that your green card is now a stake knife for eating out on the Sabbath.

    Comment by Jim Lapp | May 28, 2010 | Reply

  4. In the article Mr. Rhodes mentions that “some people could still remember when Germany was actually 360 independent countries”.
    Instead of using the term “countries”, could this be stated “city-states”? I’m just curious. (… I haven’t done any studying on this).
    In the case of these 360 ‘countries’, is this when there was a king with a castle who had dominion over a relatively small area just outside the castle? …… over an area that wouldn’t be much bigger than a modern-day small or medium-sized city (in today’s Western world)??

    Comment by Lee Dolby | May 28, 2010 | Reply

  5. What danger situation!

    Comment by Mardonio LLANOS | May 28, 2010 | Reply

  6. As a native of the UK, Melvin Rhodes has overlooked some inconvenient truths concerning Bismark and the German State’s rise to prominence.

    Those inconvenient truths involve the role of British economic and cultural subversion on the continent of Europe in an attempt to destroy a budding German-American-Russian alliance that surfaced following the American Civil War and was glued together by a common opposition to British “free trade” policies.

    British hegemony in the world was totally dependent on “free trade” which allowed British subsidized manufactured goods to dominate markets all over the world. Following Abraham Lincoln’s example of erecting high tarriff walls, in 1879 Bismark urged the German parliment to pass protective tariffs similar to those enacted by the US and the result for Germany was similar. Industry flourished, standards of living rose dramatically, and taxes were insignificant.

    Transcontinental railroad development in Europe, China, Russia, and from Berlin to Baghdad was assisted by American equipment, engineering and technological know how (and modeled after the American example and opening up its interior after the Civil War)

    These developments threatened British economic hegemony which was based on the enforced underdevelopment of the world’s interior land masses (which were seen as merely sources of raw material) and the peoples who lived there (who were seen as an inexhaustable source of slave labor).

    The ouster of Bismark from the German Chancelorship in 1890, and assassinations of Presidents Carnot of France in 1893, and William Mckinley in the US in 1900 mark the true beginnings of WW I and were economic criminal acts that chiefly benefited the British system.

    God has allowed the younger Ephraim to dominate his elder brother Manasseh and in the process create the model for a religio-economic tyranny to be known as the Beast.

    When the continentals led by Germany with the assistance of whatever emerges from the morally, p[olitically, and ethically corrupt Roman Catholic Church better the instruction of their historic oppressors, both the Brits and the Americans will have only themselves to blame for their calamatous downfall.

    God help all of us to humbly draw closer to Him and each other seeking repentance from our national as well as personal sins (as did Daniel in Babylonian captivity –See Dan 9:3-23 and Dan 10:2-3/12) as these perilous times become moreso. God speed the day promised in Dan 2:44.

    Tim McCaulley
    Jacksonville FL

    Comment by Tim McCaulley | May 29, 2010 | Reply

  7. Can’t help noticing today’s news, where a comment supporting German military deployments may have cost the German President his job:

    Note the sentence: “Germans are often uneasy about deployments abroad….” — 70 years later.


    Comment by Richard | May 31, 2010 | Reply

    • Richard–

      What current news reports, scientific polls of public opinion, and even the general cultural and political impotence and malaise of Europe say about its future possibilities are about as relevant to the reality of what will occur there as the meterological history of the earth at the time of Noah was to the flood that did happen or the heretofore impregnable walls (there were two actually) of Jericho were to Joshua and the children of Israel shouting them down.

      The work of God through His chosen people has always been one of faith in God to do what He promises to do and the response of a faithless world is always to point at their evidence of what they can objectively document or (if you will) “see” as an excuse to mock, scoff, ridicule, or doubt those who work and live by faith.

      The sheer unliklihood of such a thing ever happening will glorify the God who will cause it to occur that much more after the fact.

      For Church brethren Jesus words to Thomas apply today:

      “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed [are] they that have not seen, and [yet] have believed.” (Jhn 20:29)

      Such faith is a gift from God for the asking to those who are repentant and will do so.–Ac 2:38, 5:32, Eph 2:8-9, Mk 9:23-24.

      Tim McCaulley
      Jacksonville FL

      Comment by Tim McCaulley | June 8, 2010 | Reply

  8. Germany is the only one qualified to dominate Europe. They alone have the necessary drive, determination, vision and economic means. To quote Thomas Paine: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

    As for strictly blaming Germany for WWI and WWII, something I’ve done in the past before I knew better and learned to question everything, it’s not accurate when many factors are considered: Hitler was liberating former German territories that were filled with Germans that the cruel Versailles Treaty (that laid the foundation for resentment and future conflict) stole from them; didn’t disproportionate Jewish Communists, Socialists, Bolsheviks, merchants, bankers backstab Germany with their call for strikes to force Germany to its knees?

    Hitler had every right to expel Jews from Germany, but crossed the line when he fell under heavy occult influence that taught Jews were not truly human and had to be destroyed to save the Germans. Such merciless actions were thought to be in service to God and Germany and mankind.

    The final revival of the unholy Roman Empire will also feel it is doing God’s Work, and will initially appear to be, but it’s true colors – blood red – will become known as the beast emerges and devours all and incurs the wrath of those who once enabled it.

    Comment by David Ben-Ariel | July 6, 2010 | Reply

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