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More Booklets Updated and Printed

May 27, 2010

God’s Holy Day Plan booklet updated and sent to printer

Our updated God’s Holy Day Plan booklet is now at the printer and scheduled to be printed and delivered in June. This new version has more detailed explanations throughout, plus it’s now in full color with photos to better illustrate the meaning and significance of the Holy Days. It also has a new cover, shown here.

This booklet is one of our most important, and the understanding of God’s overall plan as revealed through the Holy Days truly sets apart the Church of God from traditional Christianity. Not counting this current print run, we have printed and distributed 200,000 copies of this booklet—an average of more than 14,000 per year (and more than a thousand per month) over its 14-year history. (Another way to look at it is that we have sent out an average of about 40 copies a day, year in and year out, for the last 14 years.)

This is another step in a several-year project to redesign and update the content of our 33 booklets. As we’re updating the booklets, we’re often including new material while adding photos and printing them in color throughout to make them more attractive and appealing to readers. We’re also printing them on lighter paper, which saves money on postage. We’re actually able to produce more attractive and informative publications at lower cost, which benefits those we are reaching with God’s truth and saves us money at the same time.

This latest booklet isn’t available for download yet due to the number of other urgent projects our media staff is working on, but it should be available in the coming weeks at

Other booklets reprinted due to high demand

At the same time we’re also reprinting our booklets What Happens After Death? (with 305,000 printed and distributed over 13 years, or more than 23,000 per year); Jesus Christ: The Real Story (270,000 printed and distributed over six years, or 45,000 per year); and Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension (230,000 printed and distributed over four years, or more than 57,000 per year).

These number reveal some important facts for us to consider. Even though it’s been almost 10 years since we started pointing readers to our Web sites and urging them to download booklets there, we continue to receive hundreds of thousands of requests for printed copies every year. Many readers clearly prefer printed versions over downloading or reading them online. We remain committed to meeting those needs.

As an article I read just last night noted, the demise of the printed word has been predicted every time a new form of mass media was introduced. At the turn of the 20th century it was the introduction of motion pictures, from the 1920s forward it was the growing popularity of radio, and from the 1950s forward it was network television (we might add to that the explosion of cable and satellite television channels in the 1980s and 90s).

In each case, as new forms of mass media were introduced and grew popular, the number of magazines and magazine readership actually increased. In like manner, even though the Internet is leading a new information explosion, magazines and printed publications continue to remain highly popular. In 2008 alone, almost 700 new magazines were launched—proving the ongoing need and desire for printed publications.

Scott Ashley

Booklets managing editor

May 27, 2010 - Posted by | Good News Magazine, Home Office, Media and Communications |


  1. Mr. Scot Ashley, thaks for than very goos news. We will be waiting for new splendid booklet.
    your brethren in Jesucrist.
    Mardonio LLANOS

    Comment by Mardonio LLANOS | May 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. Dear Mr. Ashley,

    Thank you and your capable and dedicated team of professionals for always understanding of how to raise the bar in producing attractive, meaningful high-quality materials! Our Father has given us the most precious understanding of what He is accomplishing with us and all mankind throughout all generations. What a calling for us to share this most glorious message of repentance, reconciliation and hope!

    Comment by David W. Morker | May 27, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hello Mr. Ashley!
    I trade e-mails with you on a periodic basis, so you know what a love I have for UCGs booklets and appreciation for the outstanding work of the media team. As you and I have discussed, I believe this is the first time in the modern era of the church that we have had (digest sized) booklets that are in full color. (it’s wonderful that we can produce them at reduced cost!!)
    Many new people develop a great fondness for the church’s literature because of the beautiful truths in them ….. but the pictures, illustrations, and full-color presentations of the booklets will only serve to enhance that love of them.
    Could you update the brethren as to the status of the “several-year project to redesign and update the content of our 33 booklets”? I know you said that the redesign of the “This Is the United Church of God” booklet — the last one to be transformed into the digest size — was going to be quite an undertaking, so it would be later this year. I’m also really looking forward to the “Gospel of the Kingdom” booklet coming out in full-color and with illustrations.
    Could you also update us brethren on plans for future booklets: such as ‘The History (and Future) of Europe’, ‘The (Fifth?) Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, ‘the Wonderful World Tomorrow’, ….. or whatever is “in the pipeline”?
    Thank You!

    Comment by Lee Dolby | May 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

      This project of redesigning and updating booklets began three years ago when the U.S. Postal Service suddenly changed the way it would charge for postage for bulk-mailed items like our booklets (giving customers less than a month’s advance notice to prepare for the rate changes).

      Rates for the larger-sized booklets shot up substantially while the rates for the smaller-sized booklets actually decreased. We had 33 booklets, half of which needed to be converted to the smaller format ASAP. Those were the first priority, since it was now costing us considerably more to mail them.

      Most of those we were able to redesign in about a year and a half. As we were redesigning them, we also took the opportunity to update the content as needed. As of several months ago, the last of these larger booklets has been updated. The only one left to do is “This is the United Church of God.”

      It’s proving to be quite a challenge to redesign it, since the large version had many large photos and large areas of white space to give it an open and appealing look. It’s very hard to carry over that same look and feel into a format that’s about half the size. We’ve done some design work, but aren’t yet pleased with how it’s working. It’s possible that we may end up keeping it in its larger size.

      At this point we have only these five to update and convert to color:

      The Church Jesus Built
      The Gospel of the Kingdom
      You Can Have Living Faith
      Transforming Your Life: The Process of Conversion
      The Ten Commandments

      We do not plan to convert the book on the New Covenant to color, largely because it’s very difficult to find photos to illustrate the various spiritual concepts in that book.

      We hope to have these conversions done within the next year. We’re trying to work them into the off months between issues of The Good News, since the same staff are involved in both. It’s not easy juggling both!

      Beyond those, we have several article series that we would like to put into booklet form as funds allow. Some of these are “The Horsemen of Revelation,” “Tools for Spiritual Growth” and “The Fruit of the Spirit.”

      Beyond those, projects that are in various stages of development include booklets on the World Tomorrow, the Trinity, Europe/the Beast/Modern Babylon, Why Study the Bible? and how today’s Christianity is largely recycled paganism. We also have a number more beyond that, all as resources and funds allow.

      I should point out the tireless efforts of Shaun Venish in the design work on these and Tom Robinson for his invaluable editorial work. Both are dedicated and truly gifted in their respective areas. I know that many members have been frustrated with the delay in continuing the Bible Reading Program. The primary reason for that has been Tom’s work on updating these booklets, leaving him with little to no time to work on the BRP. We’re both looking forward to completing these updates so he can get back to work on that and finish it up.

      We really appreciate the concern and support of all the members in supporting these efforts!

      Comment by Scott Ashley | May 29, 2010 | Reply

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