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Two Booklets Updated: On to Printer

April 29, 2010

Updated Who Is God? booklet sent to printer

In the next few days we’ll be printing a redesigned, updated “Who Is God?” booklet. It also has a new cover as shown here.

This is one of our most important booklets, focusing on major misconceptions about God (such as the mistaken idea of the Trinity), the true identity of Jesus Christ and man’s incredible destiny to share in eternal life as part of the immortal spirit family of God.

This is another step in an ongoing project to redesign and update our 33 booklets to save money. Due to changes in postal service requirements several years ago, we had to reformat our 16 magazine-sized booklets to our smaller digest size. Once those were updated and finished, we continued our updating process with our existing digest-sized booklets.

As we’re updating them, we’re also adding photos and converting them to color throughout, which makes them more attractive to readers. We’re also printing them on lighter paper, which makes them less expensive to mail. All in all, we’re able to create more appealing products at lower cost, benefiting both the Church and those who are responding to our message.

Managing Your Finances booklet also updated

While we’re on the subject of booklet updates, last month we also updated our “Managing Your Finances” booklet. It also has a new cover, shown here.

As we were updating the text, the contrast really struck us between how bright the economic outlook was when this booklet was first written a decade ago compared to the major economic problems the world—and the United States in particular—faces today.

Reflecting these new economic realities, some helpful additions to this updated version are more ideas and proven methods for getting out of debt as well as a considerably more detailed worksheet to help readers prepare a household budget.

Due to a backlog of work for our media staff, these two latest booklet updates aren’t available for download yet, but should be in the coming weeks.

Demand remains high for our printed booklets. Over recent years we have consistently printed and mailed around half a million booklets a year, or around 30 to 50 thousand per month, in response to reader requests.

Scott Ashley

Booklets managing editor

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  1. le site de la famille du ci–el

    Comment by danny desjardinsky | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. I like what your writing is . Hope you will all the time talk about God, Faith in him and also how to be Spiritual.


    Comment by Eleni | April 30, 2010 | Reply

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