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In the Studio: Beyond Today

[Steve Myers and Peter Eddington filed the following report.]

April 14, 2010

Darris McNeely rehearses his script.

The April recordings of Beyond Today began this morning with a television production meeting.

Gary Petty and Steve Myers.

Peter Eddington, Darris McNeely, Gary Petty, Steve Myers and Michelle de Campos met to discuss the day’s recording. The morning meeting is the opportunity to discuss, edit and rehearse the scripts for the afternoon taping.

After lunch, Darris McNeely hosted the program “God’s Sabbath Rest.”

GN Magazine Promotion.

He focused on the importance and relevance of God’s Sabbath even in our modern world. Steve Myers then hosted the program “Doomsday or Better Way?”  This program compared our world’s difficulties to the pain of childbirth, ultimately leading to the birth of the Kingdom of God. Both programs concluded with a “Beyond Today Panel” discussion on each topic with Darris, Steve and Gary Petty.

Gary will record a program on Thursday, April 15, titled: “Did Jesus Really Say That?” We’re just a few days away now from Beyond Today’s U.S. debut on five broadcast TV stations. Click here for the TV station lineup!

The prayers of our brethren to our Father in heaven would be very much appreciated as we embark on this new phase of Beyond Today production.

Thank you!

Studio Monitors.

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  1. Good luck, really excited by this, I think we have our best people on the job. Praying for the success, this is just great stuff, studio looks good as well.
    trevlig sabbat (happy sabbath in swedish)

    Comment by paul spenser | April 17, 2010 | Reply

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