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Transcript: About Our Father’s Business

[This is a transcript from a new “About Our Father’s Business” video by interim president, Roy Holladay, to be posted online very soon.]

April 13, 2010

Good day to everyone.

Last week administrative changes were made in the United Church of God.

The Council [of Elders] held an executive session teleconference on April the 8th, 2010, where it was decided that a change in the office of the president of the United Church of God was needed.

Roy Holladay, interim UCGIA president, records video presentation "About Our Father's Business."

Since Mr. [Clyde] Kilough had previously indicated that if the Council desired a change in the office of president, he would likely be willing to resign, the Council decided to ask him for his resignation as president. Mr. Kilough graciously accepted. Two operation managers also tended their resignations shortly thereafter.

The question that frequently is asked is, Why? Why these administrative changes?

Over the years the Council has made several administrative changes in the office of president. Changes in management since United started are common. Let me illustrate.

We have ten regional pastors presently, and only two are among the original regional pastors from when United started. So there have been at least eight replaced over the years. We’ve had three operation managers for finances. We’ve had three operation managers for Media [and Communications Services]. And we’ve had three operation managers for Ministerial Services. And then, over the last 15 years, there have been four presidents who’ve served, and two interim presidents. Mr. Kilough has served the longest of any of the presidents.

When you look at the Council of Elders also, 14 men are former Council members. There are 12 presently, so consequently there have been the biggest changes over in that area.

We’re also grateful that we have a system of governance and leadership that is supportive of that system that allows for unity and for a smooth transition for changes in the administration in a peaceful and brotherly manner.

Over the last few months there have been administrative differences between the Council and the administration. There have been differences in direction on how to achieve various goals. And there’s been some conflict on certain issues. Occasional conflict arises where ideas or actions are put forward for consideration.

The 15th chapter of Acts lends eloquent testimony to that fact. You might remember the conference in Jerusalem, and there was much discussion concerning the subject at that time of circumcision. Also Paul and Barnabas had a difference of opinion over John Mark. They went their separate ways over this—but both continued to be powerful servants of God and to be used by Him. Paul did not want to use John Mark because he had not stayed with them earlier, but Barnabas wanted to give him a second chance. And so both of them continued to do the work of God.

The close working relationship and rapport between the Council and its management team has broken down. When you look at how United is governed, the General Conference [of Elders] selects Council members and can remove them. They have the responsibility of approving the Strategic Plan, Operation Plan, as well as the Budget. The Council has a responsibility to give the overall guidance and direction to the Church, and the overall governance. The administration carries out those directives.

I think it is important to note that it is not wrong to have differences of viewpoint. But it is also important to note also that when the time comes for action, it’s very important to lay aside any differences and work together for a common goal.

As the Board of Directors, the Council has taken action. And it’s important for all of us to realize that the president serves at the pleasure of the Council.

We have all dedicated ourselves to a smooth transition. Both the Council and the administration. We want only the best for these men. They have made important contributions to further the Church’s work. They have contributed significantly. They will all be returning to the full time [field] ministry.

I know how they feel. In 2005 I was asked to step aside as president and return to the field ministry, which I’ve been doing for the last five years. I believe that we all have a pastor’s heart and desire to serve the Church of God in whatever way is possible. So they will be assuming new duties, new responsibilities.

The Commission to the Church has not changed over the centuries—we are still commanded to go to the world with the gospel. We want to do that in a very powerful way and will continue to do that.

Many of you watching this production have served for 30, 40 or 50 years in the Church and in supporting the Work of God. This is our life—this is the driving force of our life. We’ve been called to help finish the work at the end time. We are all committed to doing that job, and Jesus Christ has promised to be with us always —even to the end of the world.

In Matthew 28:18, Christ said that all power had been given to Him in heaven and earth. That power is behind God’s people and the Church. Jesus Christ lives in us and there is a great desire to continue to do this Work.

So, we have a positive opportunity to be a part of the work of the Great God. God has hand picked each one of us to have a part in that team—we are His called out ones—the Church, the elect.

To keep us informed we have recently started a new media Twitter feed and a new home office management team blog. I’d like to bring those to your attention so that you can contact or go to those on a regular basis to keep up with any changes and updates within the Church.

Roy Holladay

The new media department Twitter feed is called “ucgmedia” and the address is You can go there to get important late breaking up-to-date information about media and communications, and you will be able to hear from the senior management of the United Church of God.

Also, the new home office management team blog is titled “Inside United: Realtime.” The address for that is You’ll be able to go to this blog to get important late-breaking up-to-date information from senior management personnel at the United Church of God, an International Association.

So, in conclusion, I would like for you to consider a prayer that is attributed to Moses in Psalm 90:17, reading from the NIV translation. “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.”

Brethren, let us be about doing the work of our Father!

[Please note: The video clip from which this transcript was lifted, will be posted online very soon. Please stay tuned for more.]

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  1. Please let it be set for our cell phone . thank you for all you do. hugs sandy

    Comment by Sandy Abrell | April 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Kilough no longer prepare the “This Is The Way” items. (Or at least their faces and names aren’t on them.)

    If they want to continue serving in UCG ministry, why should this change occur?

    Comment by Richard | April 17, 2010 | Reply

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